Snoop Dogg Asks 21 Savage 14 Questions | GGN CLASSIC

Snoop asks 21 Savage a series of rapid fire questions, everything from “If you were stuck on an island for a year with only 3 albums what would they be?” and “If you could remake any movie and star in it, what would it be?”

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44 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Asks 21 Savage 14 Questions | GGN CLASSIC”

  1. Omar Gay says:

    My nigga snoop pulling up!ill be there!

  2. Capigo says:

    This is good

  3. Sla V says:

    Name the segment “ 21 savage questions.”

  4. Matt Martin says:


  5. Alexey Nestavu says:

    Bro his music is dope but he is duuumb

  6. Vikram Chandra Gupta says:

    My 1 Question To 21…Why You Have 12 Car Garage?

  7. ananthoju sriharsha says:

    "A lot"

  8. Random Stuff says:

    21 ain't all mumble

  9. TRILL XO says:


  10. Simon Carbonneau says:

    Question :

    Answer: A lot


    I ain’t ever have a job

  12. De Nyi says:


  13. Nondoda Chagi says:

    Trump or Queen Elizabeth?

  14. Luke Sheehan says:

    Savage from UK

  15. JMoney Huff says:

    They voice is so calm some libra shit

  16. Victor O says:

    All day

  17. Nox Valhalla says:

    "fuck your fortnite'

  18. Random Guy says:

    They sound the same

  19. HamC says:


  20. Gm sike says:

    Are yo british

  21. ArcaneXXL says:

    Muchdank ?

  22. Christi Adera says:

    I loved every shit bruh why not 40 questions dude dat nigga is cool asf

  23. Kit Sunderland says:

    Two of the most chill rappers

  24. Kledness says:

    Why the fuck did I not know about this channel till now ah hell nah YouTube waited a minute before recommending this

  25. You don’t subscribe You are gay says:

    Make money money

  26. xan malik says:

    so 21 wants to cause inflation, interesting

  27. Jackub N says:

    What year is this? Doesn't look like 2019. at least for me…

  28. Black Art Beatz says:

    21 love men ! Amazing !

  29. Ketola qq says:

    Wannabe savage and the og savage

  30. The Weed man says:

    Bless weed smokers check out mi weed page bless '420'

  31. Frank Russell says:

    All eyes on me

  32. Bbuzzin 19NineTy says:

    21 Savage clearly is a dumbass, if he a superpower why make money?
    These mumble rappers are genuinely stupid.

  33. AWESOMESTEVIE27 says:

    London or Atlanta

  34. digi ras says:

    i know why 14 questions cuZZZZ

  35. Disco Zombie says:

    Snoop Dogg: asks a question
    21: "a lot"

  36. Adolf Hitler says:

    Snoop is a fake trick ass buster wannabe crip.

  37. Mehdi Bl says:

    The answer: alot

  38. Filip Mijatović says:

    They high af

  39. Oskar Gorniak says:

    WESTFETS TV AKA LBC ONLY D.P.G.C. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #swag #cookies #nemo #hoes

  40. Hunter Brosnan says:

    I'm suprised he interviewed him

  41. Andrew Cox says:

    So ur gonna tell me snoops a crip and 21 is a blood

  42. Pedro Trejo says:

    21 needs to act in a movie or some

  43. Trastic says:

    I personally like Biggie more then pac but still pac is a Legend no doubt about it.

  44. Aikhan Sarsen says:

    Young snoop dog why you asking so hard?

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