Snoop Dogg Feat. K Camp “Trash Bags” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “Trash Bags” by Snoop Dogg Feat. K Camp.

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28 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Feat. K Camp “Trash Bags” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)”

  1. SaSa Dayem says:

    snoop Dogg still in the Moooood

  2. Grensta says:

    so underrated

  3. Tharsan J says:

    Uncle snoop still lit

  4. Terrell Smith says:

    this going hard very hard trash bags!! ayee #TUseason

  5. Op Beats aah! says:

    Hot Trap on my channel

  6. xxx_ billy_xxx says:

    Omfg its really snoop haha

  7. Al Pha says:

    straight trash. its like he never grew up.

  8. DeeDragon112 says:

    Love da music video

  9. MENOBURN says:

    This shit slap hard !!!!

  10. snoopdodoublegeezy says:

    trash bags, full of ca$h, full of ca$h… count that !

  11. CASLUDRINKS says:

    Máximo Respeito Snoop !

  12. Fresh French says:

    Uncle Snoop Dogg

  13. JB. says:

    Wish I was the bunny @1:30 😀

  14. supreme lei chouchouteiy says:

    yeaaah snoop best beat !

  15. Kroniik says:

    I didnt snoop crusty booty still rap

  16. Dee Bake says:

    Great song .. wtf people talking about.. this makes me wanna go to the strip club

  17. Rob Dawg says:

    Yall sleep on k camp

  18. AnTi Fusions says:

    Songs fire. Wheres snoop been? I cant quit replayin this songg

  19. The Red Cinder says:

    I swear they searched the world all over for the baddest bitches and found them all

  20. Hunter says:

    C camp killed it

  21. Its MariahC.S. says:

    Here because miss Brinn Nicole slated again with the choreography for the girls and choosing favorite dancers! Love em❤️

  22. Juan Hernandez says:

    a snoop dogg can i have a trash bag full a cach

  23. TieFighter33 says:

    Would of been a better video if one of the strippers doo doo'd on snoop because this song is trash.

  24. predicter83 says:

    ain't nothin but a trash rap baaaaaaaaby………………..

  25. Swagger Guru says:

    Shake that a** for a lil bit of cash

  26. Chiller Joe says:

    Snoop Dogg likes L GoonY ? xD

  27. Sacha Collins says:

    Monster single, ppl iz sleeing 9 times /10 obviously

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