Snoop Dogg Opens Up On His Relationship With Tupac | ALL THE SMOKE

Snoop Dogg opens up to Matt and Stak about his relationship with Tupac and Suge Knight, and tells the story about how he first met Tupac.

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16 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Opens Up On His Relationship With Tupac | ALL THE SMOKE”

  1. eBns27 says:

    SJ looking like he wanna hit that blunt

  2. Patrick Ross says:

    I thought snoop left death row because suge treated his artist like hoes? Tupac mom said he practically didn’t own anything when died because everything was owned by death row.

  3. John Rambo says:

    If i seen pac today in person would be like meeting jesus

  4. 1lifestyle says:

    don’t believe any of Snoops 2pac stories…this nigga be lying

  5. Hoodrat Pat says:

    Love this. Only thing was that wasn’t LayLaw in the pic of Above the Law and Eazy E that was KMG

  6. Hoodrat Pat says:

    Y’all right and they are too. He was a cop in Gang Related, but the song they are referring too was on the Gridlock’d soundtrack

  7. Mikey price LBc price says:

    Snoops shirt was dope af

  8. Yasuke Afro Samurai says:

    What relationship .all of 2 pacs real friends were in the bay area from e 40 and the click to richie rich and mac mall .treach from naughty by nature in new york was also a true pac friend .those los angeles cats were all jealous of pac and never were real friends.i saw 2 pac in downtown oakland back in 1991 and he was with richie rich and the governor .sir too short and members of digital underground were also there.and this was before he got into trouble and was forced to sign with death row records and to make records for a record company for cripd and bloods a place he really didnt want to be apart of .and he was going to leave death row just likr dr.dre did but was killled before he got his chance .and his murderer is rottung in a penitinitary for life until.he dies .and his name we all know is suge knight.forever cursed by the ghost of 2 pac and his with snoop dogg and 2pac i say there was no real relationship just mutual respect.

  9. mourad amine says:

    Tupac Best of the Best rapper for all times, snoop assholl

  10. Grt Bow says:

    How about you tell them how you knew he was going to die in the last interview y’all did

  11. Michael Muscadine says:

    The Town Oakland Ca got noting but love for Pac, you would never hear about any Rappers from The Bay Area or Northern California talk down on Pac, many Rappers from out here really rocked with him. From Richie Rich, Spice One,Mac Mall, E40,B legit ,Rappin,4 Tay,Dru Down,D Shot ,C-BO
    MC Hammer, Too short. Mac dre

  12. Words of Wizdom says:

    Snoop always acts shady when talking about pac like he knows some shit and is trying to hide it. I haven't even watched the video yet but everytime I have seen him speak on pac it seems like he knows something about his murder

  13. onetimepeace says:


  14. Boshunz says:

    Watch Snoop Dogg turn into Bhad Babie @ 0:27

  15. jaxxcapone says:

    Life's so hard song was on the gang related soundtrack not gridlocked 2pac did not play a cop in gridlocked

  16. jole' Mays says:

    Uncle snoop

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