Snoop Dogg RESPONDS Suge Knight & Slim 400 jail calls THREATenin blueface&crips,snoop WANTS smoke!

Snoop dogg says his sick and tired of suge knight,slim 400 and bloods threatenin blueface and crips he says his done talkin and wants crips to smoke all bloods!My commentary will discuss the situation and hip hop beef.

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28 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg RESPONDS Suge Knight & Slim 400 jail calls THREATenin blueface&crips,snoop WANTS smoke!”

  1. WaliDaGreatNews says:

    snoop aint playin wants sm0ke wit all bloods yikes!

  2. Zacky ? says:

    Tell blueface not get caught lacking

  3. Diane V says:

    Where tf is your music at the end of the video???

  4. Robert Bermudez says:


  5. James Knott says:

    Snoop sit skinny ass down you ant do shit you got a family

  6. tripph loc says:

    Fucc wail the great cuz not from the The Set I'm a Rollin 60 Crip and I cnoe cuz NOt from the set cuz we don't claim his bitch fake aSS Cuz ON H60d Rollin 60'S NHC Gang

  7. tripph loc says:

    Fucc wail trash ass music and hiss fake news

  8. Marvel Jones says:

    Snoop ani't going to do shit but go sleep with Kim Kardashian, Dad lol you no Snoop been sleeping with and taking photos with him.. So Snoop ani't going to do sh** but pull up in a gay man ass.

  9. John Ganaway says:

    Dumb ass quit making up shit. Fake ass news.

  10. Realnga4L Cxt says:

    Now you just making shit up snoop dont got time for this

  11. Keith Cameron says:

    See tupac & Nipsey was bringing the gangs together and stopping the killing of young minorities but you fools gonna help kill off our generation from this cat speaking to the videos wake up fools act right.

  12. zNationReaper - says:

    That is not what that nigga said they was talking about some money and his bitch was getting her nails done

  13. keepitlit24 Backwoods says:

    If that's true why snoop was spooked of suge

  14. isaa knife says:

    blueface wack af

  15. Ed Rogers says:

    Suge ain't no OG Blood. I just nigga paid his way in.
    This is a bitch channel

  16. tradamusblak says:

    This shit fake
    You.took some.old footage when snoop was ready to ride on the police for all these black murders and here you go flipping the whole thang boy you a whole hoe for that gossip shit

  17. SIN-B 4 life says:

    Never underestimate the power of money 1 phone call with the right price tag makes shit happen!

  18. armstrong linus says:

    Y so much intimidation on crips are they not gang too

  19. Dave5842p More says:

    What happened to black lives matter this y us blacks are getting left behind while other races are comming together n getting strong and growing in numbers when blacks gonna come together and help each other buy houses for each other like my Asian n Mexican hommies when we gonna help our race like the Russian help theirs out when we gonna do anything for each other besides kill each other like some wild animals raps the only music industry that the artist die because their music lmfao what a life we making for the future of young black girls n boys while the white man sits in his office laughing at us killing each other n locking the ones who's killing up for life wake up we are killing off our race n taking away our black worries

  20. RichhomieKDWEEZY 32 says:

    He could be a good story teller

  21. quarlo mcswain says:

    Dude with this padge just shut the fuck up already!!!!!!!!

  22. Busy B 510 says:

    Why do all these guys claim to be gangsters but steady be on social media talking about gangster shit. Shut your mouths and put in work if that's what it is

  23. Ever Candelaria says:

    I'm with da Crip calls all day hey og snoop hey cuh fall cac on dat live cuh

  24. Jonathan Elmore says:

    Shut down this dick suckers channel

  25. Arthur Douglas says:

    Don't bang man up

  26. Isaac Estrada says:

    Naw YG and suge night some bitchis hating on blueface thats scandalous

  27. Asapz Rap says:

    Just make music brothas get yo paper

  28. Cedric Heflin says:

    This nigga C lying Cuzz…….. Snoop recorded that shit about niccaz getting killed by police ……. Stop lying pussy

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