Snoop Dogg Reveals How He Got His Music Industry Breakthrough With Dr. Dre | ALL THE SMOKE

Snoop Dogg tells Matt and Stak about how he got his big breakthrough in the music industry with Dr. Dre.

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35 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Reveals How He Got His Music Industry Breakthrough With Dr. Dre | ALL THE SMOKE”

  1. New Era says:

    Damn! I love this.

  2. ohyes151 says:

    Still a fan of snoop, but I prefer to hear y’all talk that shit with retired b-ball players and give us stories that couldn’t be told when y’all were playing.

  3. Zola Cardoso says:

    Matt sounds like he got something stuck in his throat like alll the time

  4. RicRokkka says:

    He Look like Britney Grinder auntie

  5. Big Fly says:

    Now i gots to go bump deep cover

  6. Moe says:

    Dope piece!!!!!

  7. Xavier Rainey says:

    Sold his soul just like everybody else

  8. Jason Joseph says:

    This podcast is the shiznit! For real!

  9. Huncho 8thHokage says:

    Real nigga he know bout Texas sound

  10. Darius Olfus says:

    Damn that D.O.C. Story

  11. Kalihaze76 5th&Lemon says:

    Hell yeah!

  12. makaila Happy birthday roberts says:

    Deep Cover beats rhymes any Dj. WEST COAST

  13. Arctic Wanderer says:

    DJ Warren G is a legend. Doesnt get the love and respect he deserves.

  14. xBUMSKIx says:

    This was the best snoop interview ever. I’m bumping snoop all week after this.

  15. King says:

    He got shoulder pads under that jacket?

  16. Dante The Great says:

    Snoop again…..another inconsistency in his story about how Warren G got his cassette to Dre.

  17. Sportsgamestrailers says:

    We need Pat bev

  18. Titus Kirkland says:

    TheDOC! Dallas Oak Cliff!

  19. Duodu Edward says:

    Please get kawhi on the show

  20. thePaperDinosaur says:

    there was 447 likes – thats my lucky # – still, had to Like anyway.

  21. Carlos Garcia says:

    Why uncle snoop laying sideways like an Egyptian princess tho?

  22. DJ Dimes says:

    Matt's face changed when snooped coughed LOOOOL 4:30

  23. jackson riviera says:

    Warren G and Dr Dre are related, Snoop and Nate Dogg are related…and they're all legendary in their own way.

  24. Liko O says:

    I need to get famous so I can be on this show

  25. Kidd G says:

    Wat u know bout us Texas Boyz! Wat it dew D.O.C! ✌frm El Paso Screwed Up Texas

  26. Crawfishblacc says:

    Warren G is the God of the G-Funk.
    Dre just enhanced it

  27. Beanie Spades says:

    4real Texas dudes move to a different drum. Travis, Posty and Toliver got melodies and cadence for dayyyyssss.

  28. Ty h says:

    Damn that was nice hearing that story and seeing snoop personality as he imitates DOC lol

  29. dre_cityofangels 777 says:

    My second oldest brother introduced me to Dr. Dre and Snoop then I was hooked to gangster rap.

  30. Brandon Moskos says:

    Music/Rap Geniuses.

  31. hafizul faizal says:



    if i was ever a celebrity, this the show i wanna be on. smoke some blunts and just chat.

  33. Peter Iese says:

    Snoop be smokin dat fiyaa but dis was deep on crip lmao!! #West da best

  34. A. Double says:

    Back when men didn't hate on each other and wanted each other to succeed. When black men started being raised by women they started taking on those jealous female ways.

  35. Nacho Squeeze says:

    The DoC impression lol

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