Snoop Dogg – Weed $ & Bitchez (Rare & Unreleased 90's Track)

Dope unreleased track by Snoop Dogg recorded not long after he left Death Row Records.

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6 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg – Weed $ & Bitchez (Rare & Unreleased 90's Track)”

  1. Christian Robertson says:

    get off bomb1st nutz

  2. Nathan Kybett says:

    Snoop got alot of unreleased tracks out there, unfortunately most of them sound crap tho.

  3. BIGG CHUUCH bb says:

    Bombb shii

  4. Ayra says:

    This song is trash

  5. MR GeePhonk says:

    doggfather seesions!?

  6. 12 12 says:


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