Static Major feat. Lil' Wayne – I Got My (original version HQ)

Original version high quality for the culture

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19 thoughts on “Static Major feat. Lil' Wayne – I Got My (original version HQ)”

  1. TheLoverboyy says:

    RIP Static, cant believe its nearly 11 years now. The world doesn't even know what a genius he was, wondering how big his influence would have been on todays music if he still would be here.

  2. Isabella Souza says:


  3. haleigh says:

    i love this song! r.i.p. Static.

  4. Chris Torres says:

    iTunes please

  5. Corey Jackson says:

    Thanks for getting this back on.. Been looking for this for a long time!! Rip bro

  6. Brendon Dutra says:

    BRAZUKAS 2009

  7. Rex Rome says:

    this is a legendary hidden gem. ultra rare

  8. Latisha Simmons says:


  9. Rika Chavell says:

    He’s my favorite R&B singer ever!!

  10. Gee Cee says:

    Please keep this

  11. Khari Bailey says:

    I been looking for this version for years thats crazy

  12. Campaigne says:

    This song was such a big part of my life. I'm happy theres others that feel the same way i do about this song. RIP.

  13. Kareem BBPG says:

    2 people are musically retarded

  14. Rika Chavell says:

    My favorite ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Constance Dukes says:

    I have been looking for this song on and off for 9yrs! Memories

  16. TiaMarduk 777 says:

    Fuck this was my jam 08!!

  17. Melissa Loubriel says:

    He had a sexy ass voice

  18. Josh Jones says:

    Still jamming in 2019!!

  19. Focusedinsight says:

    You welcome. You're all welcome. I also have the best R&B playlist ever!!!!

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