11 thoughts on “Stoner”

  1. Angel Ramired says:

    My kokoro

  2. _Tungsteno _ says:

    I was thinking about her…

    Thanks for saving me :'')
    Any of your songs is art ❤❤

  3. ousleys says:


  4. Sweet Angel Charly says:


  5. Ancient says:

    I think I know the problem whit the subs,views and likes,its cause you focus on anime in the videos and only ppl that see anime are going to watch it,also some ppl do not press on the video cause the gift or anime in it its not well known or they didnt see it,you can clarily see this in youre videos,you put holo from spice and wolf an it almost has no views,but you put other things like popular animes and you get more views,my point here is you make this for the anime or for the music? I realy like youre stile man but if you want to get more views and subs thats the issue,and the non anime video has 3k views while the one of tokyo ghoul doesnt even reach 1k,that is telling you something,also you do a lot of songs you need to leave some time cuality over cuantity

  6. Gemini Tekarukite says:

    saw title name and gif,knew it was gonna be firee

  7. h3yner says:

    This is a song Good

  8. RyseXVI says:

    whats the anime in the video?

  9. TV AT says:

    C H I L L Y

  10. reaylea says:

    Im a stone
    Im a stuber
    Im a stormer
    I was dumber

  11. MONTAE says:

    Will this be on soundcloud

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