Stoner Playlist ( Reggae / Weed Music )

Something different and non-Sublime for those looking to explore their music tastes. Songs & Times below.

Eventually, the 2000s Ska Playlist will come, but I have yet to figure out the songs I want to put in there….2000s was another golden age for Ska….so might just make two parts… but have not forgot about it for those wondering!

0:00 Legalize It – Sublime
4:00 Legalize It – Jah Roots
7:42 Sweet Sensi – Fortunate Youth ft. Josh Heinrichs, Steffano Lasso, & Steve Jacobo
12:30 Legal Eyes – Infected Mushroom
15:30 Virgin Girl – Smash Mouth
19:00 Sensi – Long Beach Dub Allstars (LBDA)
22:52 Farmer – Fortunate Youth
27:00 Good Highs – Jah Roots

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One thought on “Stoner Playlist ( Reggae / Weed Music )”

  1. Ernesto Saldivar says:

    Something different and non-Sublime you say, starts out with Sublime! Just messing bro!

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