Stoner + Vape

💦Affirmations include💦

Pass every nicotine and marijuana drug test
Manifest juul pods and mango pods
Be immune to getting any problems caused by smoking
Lungs become 100x healthier when you smoke
Feel 0 pain in your throat when smoking
Free from any addiction
Be able to do all smoke tricks easy
Manifest a suorin air
Manifest suorin drop
Manifest Ejuice
Manifest Edibles
Manifest an extremely nice (cheap and good quality) plug
Have an amazing high
People invite you to smoke weed and get high
Always have enough money for weed
Manifest tons of extremely high-quality weed
Manifest your desired pipe
Manifest your desired bong
Manifest a dab pen
Manifest a glass blunt
Roll blunts and joints extremely easy quick and perfect
Manifest desired backwoods and Dutches
Be immune to wetting the blunt when smoking
Your friends always invite you to smoke and get high with them
People invite you to hang out and smoke with them every day
Immune to smelling like weed

SONGS ( i dont own any music)

Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black – Wake Up in The Sky
Aminé – REEL IT IN
Going Bad (feat. Drake)

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16 thoughts on “Stoner + Vape”

  1. Julia Edenfield says:

    I KNOW THIS AINT MUCH BUT DONT ATTACK ME. but basically my brother vapes and he put vape juice in our essential oil diffuser as a joke and then he gave it back to me so I'm just chilling in my room vaping with our diffuser. lifes great.

  2. Starfished Skies says:

    I’m not tryna get high im just tryna get a juul pod tbh

  3. JHaso says:

    Where i live its gang area there not rlly thugs or what ever but they grow weed and make crack and have guns and flashes them like there nerf guns so am scared about that weed thing

  4. heaven and back says:

    i need this even tho i live in amsterdam

  5. heaven and back says:

    i mean we are all gonna die anyway so why not

  6. Rock N' Roll says:

    Tryna get literally any form of drugs, I just want to forget life

  7. John Love says:

    Day 1 nun but I smelled smoke coming from somewhere right by my hous
    Day 2

  8. anon223 says:

    This works so well like I'm actually so confused I used it two separate time and the next day I end up smoking with friends!

  9. User says:

    "Lungs become healthier when smoking" this implies that you know it's gonna kill you so you want to reverse your own death. Smh y'all crazy dumb.

  10. crisp swizz says:

    i wanna smoke backwoods i update if this shit works

  11. DariBlueAngel says:

    Calm version?

  12. Grunge Bitch says:

    Im an nicotine addict and I’m a freshman and my parents keep taking my vape and cigarettes away from me and it has cost me sooo much money ahhhh

  13. Jenna Alhadi says:

    Desired results only??

  14. Melanie Hernandez says:

    I am a person who doesn't do anything of that but i wanna try it so lets see if it works
    I keep updating

  15. scooby __ says:

    Update week 1- This kid started selling pot and i brought from him normal price though anyways, it was gas though lowkey. i made some little edibles from the left over bud and ofc those slapped.
    Week 2-

  16. BiTcH iM sCrEaMiNg says:

    I have a new booster that worked for my other subs so hopefully this works with this sub.

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