STRAIN REVIEW: RED VELVET BY DOPE AS YOLA #DopeAsYola #CannabisDelights #StrainReview #PushTrees


In this video we do an unboxing and strain review of Dope as Yola’s new strain, Red Velvet, cultivated by Cannabis Delights! I drove 4 hours from Las Vegas, Nevada to Downtown Patient Group (DTPG) in Los Angeles and I was so fucking lucky to get the last 8th in stock! Totally made the 4 hour journey worth it! When I opened it, it had some hemp wick and information on the Red Velvet. Sit back, pack a bowl, light up a joint/blunt and enjoy!

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16 thoughts on “STRAIN REVIEW: RED VELVET BY DOPE AS YOLA #DopeAsYola #CannabisDelights #StrainReview #PushTrees”

  1. Yung_ErectiXn says:

    You already know im here from instagram

  2. Gumbo Chillin says:

    Underrated YouTuber, you deserve way more subs

  3. Chriss Chann says:

    Are you from Philippines?

  4. 3 Hotz N a Cot says:

    Most commonly overlooked rule y'all exhale too quick I don't care who let out the myth that holding the smoke get you higher is a myth that's complete nonsense because the longer you hold it the longer your body and lungs absorb the THC

  5. Goldie Voerman says:

    U can just tell frm the smoke that the shit is smooth af , damn wish I could hit it

  6. true magoo says:

    Yola he said ur shit is really good ☺

  7. Silver_Alvarez1013 says:

    Why take a dab before smoking the bud ? Wouldn’t u b high already

  8. ReyFromTheBay925 says:

    2K+ views! Thank you so much everyone for watching! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

  9. Cal7333 says:

    This is dope family thank you

  10. shadowsans09 says:

    Awesome video, I subscribed!

  11. Puk With a G says:

    Damn, I need to move to the states. #ByeByeEurope

  12. jonathan carl says:

    How much an 1/8

  13. OG Demon says:

    I need that in my life fam

  14. ReyFromTheBay925 says:

    WOOWWW 10K+ VIEWS!!! Thank you everyone!!!!!!

  15. noah huggins says:

    Aye your content is dope asf keep it up

  16. Hoesaintloyal says:

    It has a cross of gelato 33

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