19 thoughts on “TAKING DAB HITS!!💨🔥”

  1. Andrea Pina says:

    You should try king palm they’re natural raps

  2. Wavy 2x says:

    You a Baddiieee

  3. -Ligma- says:

    I burnt myself and I have a fatass scar on my hand lol

  4. Emily says:

    Bruhhhhh $800+ a grammmm WTFFFF

  5. Mehri Dolati says:

    If you really want to start dabbing then an e-nail is the way to go. Temperature control is everything

  6. Jesse says:

    $800 A GRAM?

  7. Hruai_zuala says:

    u looook too good

  8. Tabatha Carter says:

    collab with lifebeingdest?

  9. kenneth fox says:

    $800 for a gram? Either he is lying or he is really dumb. Only $40 in our dispensaries in Oregon.

  10. Mega Traum says:

    dude be talking mad suss lmao

  11. L. Kennedy says:

    For all smokers, if your going to smoke a lot in one session please have something to drink please.

  12. YNOTZak says:

    Dab On Them

  13. Andy A says:

    You should collab with young mike

  14. iAmMikoe says:

    this was awkward at first

  15. Jazzmyn Magallon says:

    You look so much like stassie in here!!

  16. Jaqueline Sanchez says:

    This video is dope!! I love ur videos

  17. Jayy 2greed says:

    Edwin be cappin to much

  18. nickdabs says:

    Did he just say 800+ a gram ?

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