Tha Melon (Strain Review #44) (UK Weed)

What’s good people were back again with another review, this time looking at some UK grown THA Melon (Melon x Biker Kush) this was some serious fire with some crazy melon terps, watch the review to hear our exact rating out of 10.

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13 thoughts on “Tha Melon (Strain Review #44) (UK Weed)”

  1. Liam Devlin says:

    How much you pay and where you get it from x1chubz on ig can you let me know

  2. JW 99 says:

    Can you do a review on diamond cut
    Strain: your mums OJ

  3. ampletrout2980 says:

    Try the insane OG by Dr Greenthumb

  4. kermit1 says:

    Love your videos and the ski mask. I would recommend to invest in a proper mic instead of using the camera mic it would make the videos much better thanks

  5. mase abdulla says:

    Fam if you want cali add smileyhoz on snap got gass

  6. dERAGEEE says:

    been watching your videos a while now, i'm up near Doncaster and have a plug here for everything cali wise, what part of the uk are you from? good content 🙂

  7. AMG BOYZ says:

    Subbed, where u get that from I want some lol

  8. Conspiracy Theory says:

    That’s how I like my bud structure nice dense and trimmed almost perfect.

  9. Mr. Bhombastic Fucking Fantastic says:

    GMO Cookies and MAC you wont be disappointed if the real deal Holyfeild the GMO i had was just under 34% and the MAC a staggering 35% fuckn gettin it boys so frost fucked it lights on fire like a resinous full melt all lab tested Cheers from So Cal

  10. Aliceinwonderland 622 says:

    Yo bro I’m from Worcester any chance you could point me in the right direction to get this fire

  11. Shaq says:

    How do yours in the post, tryna get some to brum

  12. ak az says:

    Fire fammm! Can you send links my way??

  13. jamie kavanagh says:

    Jheez looks 10 grade still cnt lie

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