The 420 Lifestyle Show: Catching Up With Cannabis

The 420 Lifestyle Show: Catching Up With Cannabis

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This week: We’re catching up with cannabis.

BCBudgal’s been chopping up some photos and dodging falling rocks on the trails. Carly’s on top of the news, and rolling killer joints.

Alex Rogers on ICBC Vancouver 2019.

Show notes:

BUSTED: Sweep of illegal cannabis operations leads to seven arrests

Ontario Cannabis Store sells data about consumer purchases

Black market pot entered CannTrust facility, flowed into legal market last year: Sources


Ladner Creek Trestle

Upper Gold Creek

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9 thoughts on “The 420 Lifestyle Show: Catching Up With Cannabis”

  1. BLIFTER says:

    thank god , i love these ladies

  2. That Pedal Shmoe says:

    I would marry the girl on the right, not even joking

  3. ronnie valley says:

    you bet they sell info…yeah, to a fourth party…….
    and you know that government weed is full of nasty pesticides as they could give a rats ass about the love of growing healthy plants with organic sprays for bugs, that bugs me.

  4. Danky The Clown says:

    Much Love 420 Fam!

  5. no gods no managers says:

    i love watching y'alls show and smokin along with you. thank you

  6. Charles Freeman says:

    I would marry Carly Marley she's the perfect stoner girl, exactly what I need! Marry me Carly Marry Me lol

  7. OGbrick420 says:

    i hope its live on youtube again soon. i love watching live

  8. FRESHeTECH says:

    How do we get a review or something going with Freeze pipe?? Would love to work together. Just got some new bongs that are coming out 🙂

  9. T0ki says:

    What kind of bong is that on your table, the brown one?

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