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I do not condone any illegal or dangerous acts. this video is for documentation, entertainment and artistic expression. Dont try this at home.

The Chocolate Bunny Bong!!! I hope you all enjoy your day and have an awsome easter Sunday !!

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32 thoughts on “THE CHOCOLATE BUNNY BONG !!”

  1. X11Agustin says:

    You never fail to surprise me what's next on the list

  2. Kane Hira says:

    HELL YEAH YOU MADE ONE!!!!!! GOOD SHIT YAEEE see ya when you go live

  3. Mac F says:


  4. Nomadninja says:

    I did this last year and my mate ate the bunny after

  5. Savage_Matt15 says:

    Happy Easter buddy!

  6. Jack Simmons says:

    hope you had a happy easter yae

  7. MrGziss says:

    She rips..! Sick bunny bong mate..!

  8. Xofroggy says:

    That's awesome

  9. likusone says:

    happy easter cloudy 🙂 <3

  10. That Guy Josh says:

    That things lil blue beady eyes are creepy af lol

  11. BloodyCrimes says:

    I gotta try this lmao

  12. Random misfit says:

    Fucking like rabbits!!! Nicely done brother! Did the smoke have any hint of chocolate in it?

  13. Ruzdah says:

    fresh jacket

  14. Andy Whatever says:

    Chocolate bunny bong, that just rolls of the tongue like it was meant to be.

  15. Bram Clarkson says:

    Happy Easter yae!!

  16. BillWill928 Gamining And Streaming says:

    hi nice video

  17. We're Not Inside says:

    Very Creative indeed my friend!!! I am here from @
    Bounty by Observation to help grow your channel my friend!!!

  18. Mrs Bounty says:

    Omg I LOVE your videos…turning into #1YaeOnefan

  19. Wombat says:

    That’s what I should do with my bunnies cause I’m lactose in tolerant

  20. the wombat says says:

    LOL. a chocolate bunny rip.

  21. Yvng Aj says:

    Just left the late night stream real quick to see this, never knew this came out, never got a notification or in my recommendations. Weird.. great vid tho

  22. RB says:


  23. The CIA says:

    You just one-upped the apple bong. Now you need a WATERMELON BONG!!!!

  24. Nithya Devi Fam Ascension says:

    What the heck
    Too cool
    New friend here to stay
    Let’s stay connected

  25. Fireteam KxngHarris25 says:

    Great video and nice bong

  26. INDIAN FOOD LAXMI's recipe LAXMI's Recipe says:

    New friends ji

  27. DaM&M Show says:

    New friend here! Wow that’s different thanks for sharing this

  28. Crimious says:

    wassup Yae, why don’t you do your love streams in this room?

  29. Shane Curtis says:

    yooooo im hooked to ur vids bro ytb

  30. cooper cooper says:

    Dude you made it on cypress hill Instagram fuck yea

  31. Josh says:

    Fr ur a fucking sick cunt watched u a few times but just recently got really into your vids keep it up man!!! Big up from Sydney,Aus

  32. Loony Productions says:

    I watched this at 420 pm on Easter Sunday. Love life. Cannabis life. Real life . Mahalo and aloha

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