The Homemade Contraption Gauntlet.

This video is entended for documentation, entertainment and artistic expression. Do NOT try this at home.

Today we bring back some of our craziest contraptions for the past year in a gauntlet challange including the nautica flip flop pipe, pringles can bong, cigerette pack pipe, homemade ash catcher and last but not least the 3ft powerade bong !!!! Hope you all enjoy.

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17 thoughts on “The Homemade Contraption Gauntlet.”

  1. Shane Flaherty says:


  2. Smokerbuddy420 says:

    Cheers you fookin stoner!

  3. Bongsmoker420 says:

    i love stacking gato bottles, makes a good bong

  4. CUZZIN!!! Combo King says:

    That is one heck of a gauntlet yae one stay medicated bro

  5. Spider-Mang !! says:

    The craziest contraption I’ve seen in my day ! Cheers to you bro

  6. John Mallory says:

    Cheers. To bad pringles leaked, it looked like it had potential.

  7. Mugzy Hillbillie says:

    Killing it once again bud!

  8. JimmyY420 says:

    Yae!!!!…Alright,Alright!!!..Cheers Brother…Stay Medicated..

  9. Cn0ev0 says:

    cheers bro , love your homemade pipe hahaha much respect

  10. Keif_N_Cheif says:

    lol I think you found those lungs limits brother lol cheers

  11. Andy williams says:

    Yae One u well stoned my friend lol 🙂 wake and bake 🙂

  12. MrGziss says:

    Nice one..cheers mate!

  13. Morpheus says:

    Yae you legend! I came across this vid, swear thats you ripping a billy 9 seconds in? did you know about this?

  14. One Yae says:

    Cone off g?

  15. James Houck says:

    Hahaha holy crap Yaeone this idea was literally outside the box I couldn't stop laughing when you went full ham on those cones I'm glad I was able to watch this video I've been busy lately kind of caught it late but I was entertained everybody make sure you smash the shit out of the like button and subscribe

  16. Easyas420 Productions says:

    Hahaha love this

  17. HOODIEvlogs says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, I'm spending mine alone unfortunately but that doesn't mean it still has to be a bad day! Cheers all

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