Today we reviewed the Horn silicone piece from Waxmaid. An easy to clean, glow in the dark piece that goes hard !!
Links below to the Waxmaid website and previous review.

Waxmaid Website –

4 in 1 Silicone Bong Review –

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15 thoughts on “THE HORN BONG FROM WAXMAID !!”

  1. Linus Johansson says:

    Yo and cheers bro from likusone my mobil acount ☺

  2. Bram Clarkson says:

    Did you move your plants to your new place?

  3. Alex betts 387 says:

    You fooking stoner wicked vid as normally

  4. Herbal Medicater says:

    Smoking some super kush live resin dabs plus enjoying me some grape ape buds. Have a great day enjoyed the video Yae One!

  5. Fukingblazed asShit says:

    Wassup brotha good to see you nice piece and glad to see you got a new place congratulations and much love brotha …. Dabbing on some Gelato here

  6. Kerrie Blaisdell says:

    Wow! So cool! I would love one of those! I have a silicone bubbler and pipe. They work great and agree that they are worry free in terms of breakage! Great video Yae! Much love!

  7. xOR4NG3M0NST3Rx says:

    I got the same bong but it’s blue

  8. SeptorAgustin says:


  9. Chandler Warwick says:

    Your videos always bangin wish I could have a cone with ya haha keep it up man

  10. S W says:

    Wow this is soooo dope. Awesome new vid Yae!!!!!!

  11. Mr. GreenHouse says:

    What's good Yae

  12. MWG. 420 says:

    I need to shoot u over some of my slaps bro congratulations on the new place good vibes ur way salute #basementbeans

  13. Joseph Botta says:

    Luv the vids

  14. WeGro Community says:

    Cheers brotha, thank for sharing, i hope you enjoy your new piece. Much love from WeGro Community!!

  15. Spider-Mang !! says:

    Smoking on the Superman OG outta the apple. Great video

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