The Smoke Session: "Never have I ever"

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Viewer discretion is advised!!
Watch my home girls and I play a 21+ never have I ever as we Smoke and Sip drinks from @BusyBsDrinks
comment down below your favorite part of the video!
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24 thoughts on “The Smoke Session: "Never have I ever"”

  1. Nijah Thomas says:

    Y’all sound like y’all from New York

  2. Janely Martinez says:

    LMFAAOO ya'll commenting like something wrong with the girl on the left. Ya never been that lit that you can't talk ode?

  3. Becca xoxo says:

    This is a whole vibe!!!! xx

  4. .xo_nicky says:

    Ya’ll vibes. The video had me dying the whole time LMFAO.

  5. Sha says:

    "ima jus light the blunt, its okay" lmaoo

  6. whosthat girlkia says:

    This is gold!!!

  7. Im LaKyra says:

    Y’all sound like y’all from Boston or New York

  8. lovely mazorra says:

    had to hit my pen real quick

  9. Haha Hehe says:

    the red head girl fine asl yo I need da socials lmao

  10. miles ramone says:

    LMAOO I REALLY LOVE YALL WTF!! your content is so enjoyable it’s crazy

  11. Divine Blue says:

    Why the girl in the back hit that blunt like that towards the end dead asf

  12. Jeangelee Camacho says:

    naw yall had me rolling the whole time ngl

  13. H.M.N TV says:

    What they was drinking ?

  14. Decent Kriss says:

    im smakked right now though even though dis vid passed

  15. Abigail Grant says:

    watching this while chopping n smoking a wood

  16. Dxddyz._ Shorty says:

    Lmaoo the girl in the back is just minding her own business

  17. hiheaven says:

    what’s the song in 9:22 !!!!?!?!?!!!!

  18. Mary& Adrian says:

    Thats wassup

  19. Syd E.N.T says:

    Man I be wanting a group of female friends like this but girls in my area are shady asf

  20. Lola Bunny says:

    Loveeeee yalll so muchhhh lol

  21. Smoke Session says:

    “This Taste Like Juice “ How It All Starts Lol

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