I do not condone any illegal or dangerous acts. this video is for documentation, entertainment and artistic expression. Dont try this at home.

The World’s SMALLEST Bong !!! Let me know any crazy contraptions you want to see on the channel.

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20 thoughts on “THE WORLD'S SMALLEST BONG !!”

  1. 1800ELVIS says:

    thats awesome, i need me one of those

  2. HAVI FAM says:

    You should look up BING bongs they are small and hit like a champ.

  3. KweenyTodd says:

    Its cute!

  4. muslimstoner 6210 says:

    Next get a tic tac container

  5. SirNate TheGreat says:

    Nice cheers brotha

  6. A-Class Gamer says:

    Holly shit fat hit

  7. 369SHM Official says:

    That Minora Bong is Crazy Bro

  8. 369SHM Official says:

    Has Whiskey minis Classic

  9. 369SHM Official says:

    Would Of been Warm Tho Ayyy,I'm Smoking on Purple Gooie X Afghan Kush My g ATM -Btraylz 1

  10. S Cohen says:

    Bet that was a lung killer nice to see you puffing again

  11. Cheese Doodle says:

    i like that lighting man, its a nice lil setup my dude

  12. Alex betts 387 says:

    I want one wicked

  13. djvallux says:

    Its a peace of art, nice job mään! If you had made it from the glass, it would have been MAD bro. And when u blowed that second smoke i thought that smoke is coming out of my pcs screen 😀 yeas im little bit fuuuckd'up.

  14. Posted Up says:

    Happy 420 my bro! ✌

  15. Dead Head says:

    Happy 420. Salute.

  16. Mrs Bounty says:

    Omg I love is soo cute!!! #1YaeOnefan

  17. Spider-Mang !! says:

    Dude your a genius coming up with all these gadgets .

  18. Savage Poett says:

    my sister would love that bong

  19. Queenof hearts_la says:

    So cute ❤️

  20. Ganja Gimp says:

    Hey. Nice little bong. Keep rolling!

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