In today’s video i review the Treveler Piece from Waxmaid Products. A handy little silicone device that allows you to turn any ordinary bottle into a heavy hitting bong !! Today i chose the Jack Daniel’s single barrel bottle and nust day it worked like a charm !!

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  1. Benniloco says:

    OH MY!!!! How fabulous!!! LOVE IT!!! Instant on the go bong!!! CHUP!!!CHUP!!!CHUP!!! 🙂

  2. Samsquash 68 says:

    Love the bong and the vid Yae

  3. Lil Swift says:

    Yeahhh yae mate your a fukn champion

  4. Random misfit says:

    who would have thought that milk and jack daniels go so well together!! Awesome vid bro

  5. CustomKarts says:

    smashed the like button & shared. thats an awesome little device, had nooo idea anything like that even existed! hell yeahhh

  6. 420 Dogs says:

    Bad ass man, i love making rigs and getting alternative smoking ideas and products!!! Bad ass!!!

  7. i grewsome says:

    nice! smokin on wedding cake cheers

  8. James Houck says:

    Nearly cracked the screen on my phone from smashing the s*** out of the like button thanks for posting this Yae, who are the two individuals that dislike this unbelievable. I enjoy these series you keep coming up with new surprises bro keep it up

  9. Curious Cannabis Connoisseur Duckfoot says:

    Did you see your headrest went viral and turned into a challenge.

  10. MrGziss says:

    Noiiice..sikky item. Got a few cool bottles saved,,may have to look into one of these for sure ; )

  11. Monarch Garden says:

    Alright alright alright nice very nice great video my friend bless up nuff respect cheers and growers luv

  12. Ja4Ganja 2Man0 says:

    Yo man, you're a very entertaining individual and I really enjoy your creativity with every video, I've been a fan since 2000 subs. I respect the grind and wish the best luck with your journey

  13. Charlotte Batt says:

    I know wat i want for Christmas

  14. koga nja kru says:

    nice bong bro!

  15. Flowmaster925 says:

    i like the regular channel name, got rid of those funky numbers

  16. Joseph Botta says:

    Awesome Yae One!!

  17. Pam M says:

    Very interesting video, Glad the bottle worked out for you . Great video

  18. Kane Hira says:

    helll yeah

  19. DemonRitos OFFICIAL says:

    I sawed this like button in half!
    And oh my god, how sick that is…silicone has its pros and cons, and this is one of the trippiest pros I've seen with it!

  20. Maximilian Raley says:

    Question for my fellow stoners, I've been smoking out of a Pepsi bottle because my pipe broke. It's been about three months. What other alternatives should I use to get high now? I'm thinking a hydro. But right now I'm broke. So I need things I can make. Shoot away.

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