VLOG131. Filmed May 31, 2017. Today, we are turning over beds, laying down landscape fabric, harvesting, planting and dealing with the worst weed I know of.
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  1. The Silent G says:

    more rototilling. no patience. destroying soil. closed minded to the better, faster, easier way. the "I've been doing it forever and it works just fine". clearly you haven't tried the no – till method because if you did, you'd understand that it's actually far less work, more productive, and healthier for your plants and soil. but you go ahead and burn fuel, stress your body, and oxidize your soil. you're the closed minded business owner. so surely your way is best.
    you've reached your peak and plateau. all downhill from there. you're married to your equipment. hard not to be once you're financially invested.

  2. Bird Watcher says:

    In the past, you mentioned using wood chips in some way.  Is that still something you might do?  BTW, top-notch vids and info.

  3. thegreenhornets says:

    So let me know when you're ready to sell your Tilther. Our church donation community garden could use it. 🙂 All the best.

  4. tpsu129 says:

    How big is that backyard in the overhead drone shot?

  5. Ryan McDuffee says:

    That is EXACTLY what I call field bind week. Does anyone have any good suggestions for cheap and effective tarps for plots? I haven't had any luck with billboard companies locally and the shipping on those is pretty high due to weight.

  6. thesimulacre says:

    One weed.. To bind them.

  7. Jeb Gardener says:

    Another awesome video. Thanks!

  8. Permaculture Hill says:


  9. Angelo Subero says:

    Welcome to the university of curtis stone

  10. William Lopez-Wagner says:

    The bane of my existance is fungal gnats

  11. aberdat says:

    That weed is the bane of my existence too. I tackle it as soon as I see it.

  12. Greg Schirripa says:

    Curtis do you ever deal with thistle? If so, id be really interested to hear how.

  13. Grown at Home in WV says:

    Are your Green City Acres shirts available on your website?

  14. Gregory Smith says:

    Thanks Curtis for taking the time to share with us. It really is such a "giving" thing to do. Much appreciated.

  15. cool ideas i guess ? says:

    weeds are no problem they are a blessing rich houses for nutes and mircrobes you should be pulling them whole and making them into ferment plant juice to feed your garden. tilling is killing your microbes constantly

  16. Dos Vasko's Farms says:

    worse than quack grass?

  17. Will C says:

    I'm 34 but can you adopt me? I'll work for vegetables and a cot.

  18. lastniceguy1 says:

    About your seeder rear wheel gathering mud. Could you make a metal plate
    that would ride on top of the wheel with a stiff wire brush attached to
    the bottom of the plate so it rode on the wheel? (plate mainly for
    weight) Or maybe just a woos handled wire brush w/o the plate might be

  19. David Deane says:

    well, that didn't work out as well as I thought…look into eatweeds and I'll be on my way

  20. Gapeys Grub says:

    OMG I hate bind weed. it's by far the worst weed evar! I have it growing in my yard too and it's a big pita.

  21. S Robin says:

    Search Bindweed, medicinal, eatable, many uses. including "flavoring in a liqueur called "Noyeau".

  22. Shawn says:

    What do you do with the weeds after you pull them out? Compost them, or toss them in the garbage?

  23. rcmen231 says:

    Good episode but how does the title relate to the show. I would just watch the whole plot turn over. But got confused with the title. Thanks for making the video.

  24. RunninBird says:

    I loathe bindweed. I've been pulling up bits of rhizome all season.

  25. Brian Karlsen says:

    I notice there is some spotty red lettuce in your green beds is this a
    lettuce mix you are planting or was there just some seed contamination

  26. Robert Walkowiak says:

    Good tune ! Who is it?

  27. Never Feed the Roaches says:

    Music be green city acres, where can I buy it?

  28. 1994abbygirl says:

    I gave up gardening because the bindweed is so bad! Its nearly impossible to get rid of and the root system is so long! Once I heard a man in church say, "I know how to get rid of bindweed" and several of us perked up. Then he said, "Move"!

  29. Abigail Alsip says:

    In our area, we get crab grass, and it spreads and shoots underneath borders and all.sorts of barriers. It's dreadful, in landscaping, but I imagine it would be much worse in a garden.

  30. Tim Kirkpatrick says:

    bindweed, wild morning glory(perennial) tolerant of dry and wet soils grows through 9 zones.

  31. Will White says:

    Field bind weed is my worst enemy.

  32. Nikolaos Vitoroulis says:

    Can you propane torch the tiller to burn out all of clog?

  33. Nikolaos Vitoroulis says:

    You can try making a scraper for the earth way or look to putting a non-stick coating to help knock off the dirt/mud!

  34. Farmergirl of Chickens says:

    Would like to see that weed more clearly and close up before it's unearthed. If I could I.d. It early maybe it's easier to prevent on my place.

  35. Vidal Soto says:

    every time I back out my tiller off my small dump trailer, I fear for my shins

  36. June Bug Joe says:

    Every region has its demises weed. Mine is nut grass and wire grass 🙁

  37. Keen R says:

    Our homesteading journey is just getting started for the most part. This year, we have been fighting that bindweed in our backyard, it's all over the place. Luckily, the turkeys actually eat it. The chickens and geese don't really care for it, but at least the turkeys eat it.

  38. John Kochanowski says:

    Dewd… just gotta say… you are such an awesome inspiration. Good stuff all the way around. The best part… you don't mind doing the work.

  39. Nordic .I says:

    I love weed, but I love weeds too. They enable soil microorganisms to thrive and pump nutrients INTO the soil.

  40. Hilary Funk says:

    Field Bind weed

  41. David in France says:

    Is that guy german?

  42. tones says:

    What roller for the jang did you find works well with beets?

  43. ShockTroop says:

    lol u guys think this is bad. try Johnson Grass

  44. joedecook says:

    This might work. has downloadable plans for 3d printing Jang rollers. If these can't be adapted, maybe someone else has come up with something out there.

  45. Bean David says:

    Weed info begins at 8:30 in video.

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