Tommy Chong's Medical Marijuana Garden | Complex

The weed legend Tommy Chong takes Sean Evans on a trip through his very green grow house.

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41 thoughts on “Tommy Chong's Medical Marijuana Garden | Complex”

  1. feindwalker says:

    Whoa. This is weird seeing Sean, not on Hot Ones.

  2. Bruce Kirk says:

    I love it everytime I walked into a huge grow room back home in Wa state it's a life changing exp

  3. kuroryuu010 says:

    XD Sean said he hadn't smoked in the Hot Ones video, recorded a day before this one. I get ya Sean, i get ya.

  4. GANG GREEN TV says:

    Full time cheeky cunt that interviewer. Does not deserve that job.

  5. Outdoors&Cars says:

    "oh shit another one fell in my pocket" ROFL

  6. Whoa says:

    wow the government really tried to set him up when hes already locked up. thats some classified case type of shit lmfao is he allowed to talk about that

  7. Green Grow UK says:

    Awesome man

  8. Basel says:

    Cool stuff "Man"

  9. Justin Mitchell says:

    That rock on his chest looks very uncomfortable to wear. Better have healing properties

  10. Mario_ Mowgli says:

    I want him to be my grandpa

  11. DillKillTv says:

    Thats not weird “ theyrr like teens …. very sexy “ ☠️

  12. Steven Winterhill says:

    That bald guy is annoying…..he's a sober boring person

  13. salah nane says:

    "oh shit another one fell in my pocket"

  14. obi-wan kenobi says:

    Tommy singing it's a small world after all killed me

  15. papapapist says:

    Looked under fed. Just sayin

  16. Anton Bentzen says:

    What a nice mood. Looked like it was a nice afternoon.

  17. RIGHT-WING-P1MP290 says:

    og kush is boof.

  18. jmp420 says:

    I'd love to smoke a bunch of weed with Sean Evans and eat hot wings lol

  19. Marcus Engstrom says:

    Chong you're awesome! But you already knew that. Smoke a joint for me bro

  20. Logan Annoye says:

    Everything will look yellow… get a cheap filter

  21. Seven10s says:

    Dope facility!

  22. cri cri says:

    Yo kool but 65 dollars for 3.5 grams no thank you

  23. Trevor Rhoades says:

    I like Sean a whole lot more now

  24. Mike thompson says:

    lol tommy clearly doesnt know very much about growing cannabis

  25. Despair TheWumbo says:

    Legendary interview

  26. jaggedbrain says:

    ever hear of method 7 they will change the orange back to normal spectrum, you can get glasses and lenses for cams…. check out Cali crop doc…..

  27. jaggedbrain says:

    @1:20 he got a cut of OG was it good? well it was free. and i like free weed.. laaame, pheno hunt something special…

  28. mutalix says:

    Dude, I'm floored! On the channel "now we feast" Sean Evans claims he has never consumed cannabis.

  29. Jay Renolds says:

    He's such a easy going nice guy, can't believe they imprison him for having paraphernalia.

  30. John says:


  31. John says:

    the stalks were never a medicine, not in china not 5000 ago not ever

  32. John says:

    new york was never named hemp, it was named new amsterdam, the word hemp is dutch too, but #stonerfacts eh?

  33. Ally Alexander says:

    But the hot ones episode Sean said he never smoked?


    What a cool old man

  35. Phil Barrows says:

    Sean shoulda brought Tommy some Chicken Wings…

  36. Ak5 - says:

    Imagine being an op who arrests someone for a piece of glass

  37. Mark Bland-Kelly says:

    Is this the guy that does that spicy chicken wing channel?

  38. George Moster says:

    In the hot ones interview with tommy sean says that he's never smoked before…

    now he out here talking about how he gets socially awkward after he boof

  39. Scott Ray says:

    Man I wish I could meet Tommy Chong

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