Top 3 Benefits of MARIJUANA | Banned in India | Bengali Comedy | MeroBongo

Ai video tae ami marijuana 3 te fatafati benefits er bapare moja kore boktobbya rekhechi. This video is just made for fun so do not take it seriously.

#marijuana #BannedInIndia

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5 thoughts on “Top 3 Benefits of MARIJUANA | Banned in India | Bengali Comedy | MeroBongo”

  1. Kazi Anayet says:


  2. Abhishek Pareek says:

    Dada we need to meet soon and smoke up soon!

  3. Rik Stark says:

    Darun dada darun

  4. SHREYAN DIP says:


  5. Ami Chotu says:

    Babajir prasad bole kotha, bam bhole.

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