Two Cannabis Strains To Smoke With The Ladies

Back with a good strain to smoke with females, it actually can relax and get the ladies in the move for a groove. Cherry Pie crossed with Ken’s Granddaddy Purple.

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4 thoughts on “Two Cannabis Strains To Smoke With The Ladies”

  1. Stoned Sober says:

    interesting video homiE , That pink champagne Looks Killer. You right though ,, Ladies always love the Purple for some reason ! & ah i see already Got the mask out 4 october lol definitely hyped for this season . dope video, cheers Bro

  2. William Blaze1 says:

    I live by y'all, Let's get to get her and smoke, hit me up.I watched your old videos I'm subbing..

  3. Kelsey bahamas tattoos says:

    welcome back brothers

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