36 thoughts on “UK OUTDOOR GUERILLA WEED GROW 2020”

  1. FUB4R99 says:

    great vid thanks

  2. Real World Order says:

    What seaweed do you use mate. And how do you know what ratio of the ingredients to put in

  3. Uk Guerrillagrow2020 says:

    Easy. Another great video. Good mix also.. looks like you put a hell of alot of amendments in them holes. When will you be planting out?


    How deep do you make your holes?

  5. slightly stoopid says:

    Bro you got ripped off last year in the same spot,what are you thinking

  6. Finlay Mcalinden says:

    Could explain why you're doing what you're doing and why! How deep the holes and and other stuff. Good vid tho

  7. BenJervis62 says:

    Hey mate, hope you’re doing well. Really enjoying the videos as I’m i grower myself. Looking forward to a good season if we get enough sun. Thought you might like to check out my grow log that I kept in 2013. Really good grow and learnt a lot. AMS is a really nice strain for the UK, it’s bread from 2 Swiss habituated strains (one Indica and one Sativa) Gets a very nice dark purple/burgundy towards end of flower and really bushes out like an Indica. Didn’t even top it and it had a really nice top bud with no mould. Very strong through the veg stage and all of the seedlings worked out.

    My grow blog for that year –


  8. Thomas Tournavitis says:

    i give a try to this mix! Thanx OW !!

  9. Herbalist Cultivator says:

    I really like your channel.. but I’ve just seen your Channel 4 video.. Why bait everyone out like that!! It makes it look like so easy to grow and find weed grows..! the less people who know you can grow big in England in such poor weather the better. that’s what I like about uk growing is that it’s not a rlly a worry about getting found as no one even thinks you can grow it properly here.

  10. adam strandt says:

    I would appreciate if you took time and answer on this question.

    Hey i did plant out my autos last week and did have them indoors for 4 weeks. They looked great until i planted out them, I live in north latitude.

    My problem is that all of the branches on my plants and the leafs are hanging and little bit curved in. I did look it up and it says

    over watered or under watered. Could also be so that they are schocked from the short nights and much lower

    But the thing that scared me was that it also could be a sign of mites. What do you think i should do? First time thats why im asking.

  11. Dr green says:

    With that super soil.. are you still feeding nutrients? Because that's a lot surely?

  12. Addictedtoherb says:

    Glad I found someone with the same hobby as me!! Got some nice autos this year

  13. NorfLDN EN3 says:

    Dude do u have any videos of these outdoor grows actually producing flowers? I enjoy watching your videos but still waiting to see fat nuggz, I didn’t think they’d flower in British weather tbh

  14. Colton Mcintosg says:

    them tomatoes are going to be a smoke n half 😀

  15. Niels Brion says:

    Hella nice soilmix! Isn’t it better to mix like al this in a box or is it the same effect when the added nutrients are are the bottom? As the roots clearly would pass them
    Never mind you mixed it nicely , should’ve wat h till the end before commenting. Nice video!

  16. Omz Haughton says:

    that is a lot of nutrients is that what u usually do becauae i may try this

  17. George Davey says:

    Is that the Arnold rimmer garden or a new spot?

  18. Christopher Cook says:

    Holly shit bro, that's a lot of graft to put in. I littrelly put my in the ground

  19. East Mid Flowers UK says:

    I’m looking for a spot to enjoy the experience, not gonna lie it’s scary thinking of being caught in the area with it or even the chance of someone else seeing it, give me some advice please, jah, Rastafari

  20. Poacher z400 says:

    1st you dont do a big plot like that. Making it easy to see from above.
    2nd you plant a few in each spot..
    Grown outdoor for 8 years until moved indoor for propa crops.

  21. Mfdkficici Dduhcucu says:

    What’s you’re views on reusing compost holes from last season and topping up with nutrients?


    Wicked video mate, once harvested and dried, how much weight from one site? Keep up the great work.


    Could you use this mix on a much smaller scale indoors?

  24. popaj Janković says:

    does anybody know where can i buy some cheap regular seeds ????

  25. THE FACE OF GODS says:

    I'd recommend you make it one large batch instead of as you go so it's less work and easier on your body

  26. Frog Legs says:

    Where can I buy your grow book ? I live in the republic of Ireland and we share the same weather ( perhaps even more wet) and I could do with tips on dealing with the weather etc..

  27. Mark Thompson says:

    How you keep deer away

  28. davie l says:

    Any 1 did sour diesel rqs

  29. Scrooge McDuck says:

    1 Minute intro? Really?

  30. The AngryManc says:

    Where are you buying them chicken pellets from mate? Can’t find any

  31. Jake Biever says:

    what's seaweed time?

  32. Jonathan Rooke says:

    I wish I could grow near me, too many thieves near me though.

  33. Hedge Hog says:

    a plaster mixer and a cordless drill

  34. Diane Green says:

    Those plants better be the size of red woods ! Cant wait to see.

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