Upchurch REACTION “Fire Man” (Lil Wayne Remix)

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Upchurch “Fire Man” (Lil Wayne Remix)

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26 thoughts on “Upchurch REACTION “Fire Man” (Lil Wayne Remix)”

  1. J G says:

    Goddamn, kid, I was surprised you knew Nitty Gritty Dirt band.

  2. Daktar says:

    You gotta react to his remix of TI's "Top Down"

  3. kristin chamberlain says:

    Love your reactions.

  4. Nick Stevens says:

    Hey bro can you please react to Crypt The Worst Day Of my life it’s a comedic song but he has a good message behind it trust me you’ll love it

  5. smily 123456 says:

    I honestly don't like yellow wolf but I do enjoy your videos

  6. Mike M says:

    Yelawolf is fire. Love some church though bro

  7. Linda Long says:

    Daaammnnn it man !!!!!
    Church went all out on that one.
    Surprised even you..huh..Matt ?
    MUCH ❤ from Southern Illinois

  8. Darrell Gaither says:

    Upchurch posted your reaction on his Facebook page.

  9. ThAt GuY83 says:

    You have some good points and a very good reaction channel but quit with the hand slappin, drivin me crazy

  10. fishanhunter says:

    I found your reaction from upchurch but I honestly think you’re fucking retarded…maybe if you quit slapping your fucking fist like a dumbass seal

  11. fishanhunter says:

    Don’t slap your fist like this if you plan on doing yellawolf either….

  12. Heather Dingledine says:

    Hey you look familiar, was you once on an episode of A&E’s show intervention???

  13. Kaila Rose says:


  14. TexanBoyTats says:

    Yelawolf would be awesome!!! Upchurch and you (Matt Townz) are my favorite country rappers!!!

  15. sandra moore says:

    Yelawolf did a song with Sam Troki called ''Louder"… That song is sick!!!! It is Badass for real, you should check it out…Much love from Georgia

  16. Rodney Massey says:

    you talk like a hood rat kiddy…….

  17. Paula Guardian says:

    Good stuff ..any second I feel Beck about to pop in lol..love this..He's staying at the top of the song.

  18. Paula Guardian says:

    Each time it plays I hear more and more jewels to collaborate on

  19. Paula Guardian says:

    The chhch..chh.. chhch is .. happening

  20. Paula Guardian says:

    That sangin on top of the rap is truly genius

  21. Mary Pickett says:

    Living' it!!

  22. Mary Pickett says:

    One of the best he's remixed !!

  23. BigBoi 81 says:

    He creates pure fire when he gets bored.

  24. Meggers B85 says:

    Found you through Upchurch posting this video on his FB page. New sub. Love the enthusiasm man

  25. Norwall Music says:

    Great content.

  26. michael white says:

    Saw church show you some love so of course had to check it out. Can't wait to watch your numbers climb when the squad shows up.

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