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  1. lindsherifi says:


  2. alexa_decardenas says:


  3. cyberbabe69666 says:

    @tom._.sawyer i’m crying this is so funny idk why

  4. adridegwitz says:


  5. yungjamiefoxx says:

    @smileheavy your dad

  6. ewenguitar says:


  7. doughnut_glazit says:

    Cool, but too repetitive

  8. lindsmasch says:

    Haha @cperrella @mirandafaithcornejo

  9. shannalip says:


  10. hale_laurenn says:


  11. bostonboro says:

    Bahaha @dangarone @adam.tangerine

  12. jdmrx says:


  13. j_aktive says:

    @pare.ea why would it be so funny if he hit one of them kids in the face with those shits ? Lol end all that magic

  14. ajohnsonnyc says:

    I bet this dude gets no pussy what’s so ever.

  15. j.t.c.3 says:


  16. notefinger says:


  17. pare.ea says:


  18. ad_43 says:

    @onemorejude #whitepeoplewednesday

  19. clemgineer says:


  20. taylormwalshh says:

    @melissa.brennan this is so fried

  21. aj47soulmeezy says:

    Haha @spin167 kinda fly

  22. josai.nyc says:

    I woulda bricked on the first pass

  23. ttayrien says:

    @hwanderson this guy is my hero

  24. bcampey says:

    @mongoose1986. @p_doherty be like

  25. lo.vogel says:


  26. hwanderson says:

    @ttayrien looks like you’ve been practicing for some buttery transitions this summer?

  27. conrad__25 says:


  28. callieavellino says:

    @djavey Borat skis??

  29. craigorilla says:

    He’s missin’ a trick. Dry ice floor.

  30. miltownpanther says:

    Your next sport? @csuggi @pc__brooks

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