Wax rig review, not review! Tight silicone pipe for smoking wax or weed!

This little wax pipe is tight my Name is Nate obviously, but this is just a quick video for some things that are to come on my channel soon! I am going to start editing them yes! But while I’m in the process or working on some stuff for you guys, I just wanted to through this out there for a couple people I know wanting to see something! But it isn’t just me there’s a few of us you will be seeing soon! See you guys soon! If somehow we end up getting 1,000 subscribers on some of our next videos coming soon, I am going to give away a $100 pre-paid Visa, or giftcard of your choice for $100, & thinking about throwing in 1 of those wax pipes too! Just subscribe & like the video, or dislike even & watch for the next videos that are coming out & do it then if you want to see more first, then comment “what up Nate! I wouldn’t mind being entered into that giveaway playa!” & give me your Name & stuff & I’ll enter you into it! Even if you dislike the video I’ll still add anybody! I ain’t a hater! But you gotta subscribe, like or dislike the video, then comment! Talk to everybody soon!

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One thought on “Wax rig review, not review! Tight silicone pipe for smoking wax or weed!”

  1. RyMae Productions says:

    Btw can't believe I forgot to tell & show you guys but this pipe is a Honeycomb Silicone pipe, link to Buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SJD4N4P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_WP10Db57P7HZH
    it's cool it comes with a little stash spot for wax on the bottom & the little metal hot prong I was using also with a spot to hook it onto the bottom! The bowl has 2 sides, the side I used & another side you flip over that is a normal bowl! It's pretty cheap in price, so definitely worth the money!

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