What Happens When A State Grows Way Too Much Weed (HBO)

When Oregon legalized recreational marijuana, the state decided to make the market as free and accessible as possible. It didn’t cap licenses, or restrict access to people living in state. It also made entry super cheap—growing licenses in Oregon go for as little as $1,000, compared to tens of thousands of dollars just across the border in California.

The hope was to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get in on the new and exciting market. And it worked really well. Too well, in fact.

Fast forward just a few years, and Oregon now has a serious problem on its hands. The roughly 1,100 licensed producers growing weed right now are growing way too much—about twice what the state is actually consuming. And that’s creating all sorts of problems. Unless, of course, you’re a consumer. Then it’s awesome.

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32 thoughts on “What Happens When A State Grows Way Too Much Weed (HBO)”

  1. Black Dot says:


  2. Jay Renolds says:

    They should all give their extra weed to me.

  3. justin wolf says:

    Good bud sells itself. I'm a grower myself and I guarantee if it was quality they would have no problem selling it

  4. Traveler2017 says:

    It's too easy to grow your own especially outdoors in west Coast states. At first the demand is very great in every state but then it tapers off and goes down. The novelty wears off. It's the perfect indoor hobby for medical users and retirees. LED lights are still selling very good due to growing numbers of small private indoor growers. Who is going to pay big money when you can get some seeds going in the basement, bedroom or attic. The most stable segment of buyers, MMJ, buy regularly but not a lot and are finding their fixed incomes go much farther by growing their own. Everyone thought that you could make a bundle on MJ but the market is now oversaturated by too many get rich big growers. More and more big growers were not supported by more and more big buyers. More and more people are learning how to grow it and enjoy doing it for themselves.

  5. 5g EyeSeeYou33 says:

    how did no one see this coming..? supply and demand is a rudimentary concept.

  6. TheMotoManiac says:

    Oh nooo, the consumers have choices and low prices. Growers and distributors who do good work make profits. Bad growers and distributors who can't run a company are losing out! What ever will we do to protect the few rich investors who wanted to keep all of the profits? Better throw freedom, capitalism, and consumers under the bus!

  7. Red Richard says:

    Welcome to farming

  8. troy lenz says:

    Oops! Well that's how you learn.

  9. BG OBGAI says:

    the guy at the end needs to research SOG. He's wasting time/$ with tall, older trees.

  10. bean cat88 says:

    How's this a problem?

  11. Adam Bailey says:

    There is over 15000 uses for weed, why are you trying to smoke it……. Go make some sports cars……..

  12. Dustin Spencer says:

    Send the weed to North Carolina

  13. listo castillo says:

    16 for a joint? ill shoot it to you for 10.

  14. Zorbacci O says:

    Legalization just meant a lube-up of the farmer by parasite-rapist politicians.

  15. KANDYAH says:

    If you can't grow $1/gram, don't enter the industry that means you have flaw in your business plan

  16. Ryan Blue says:

    I dont like that the Oregon liquor controller had a say in this

  17. lotsofsnow2 says:

    QUALITY DETERMINE PRICE, you cant open a huge outdoor grow and expect it to still sell for street prices. that's straight up stupid. hydro beats outdoor when price is equal

  18. Zubairu Dalhatu Hamza says:

    Too much weed gets smoked though lol

  19. papapapist says:

    This is the first crack in the glass bridge. Imagine when third world shitholes with slave labour start growing in areas cannabis originated from! $50 pounds at retail.

  20. Alan Rodriguez says:

    Don't no body want outdoor reggie

  21. GainsbourgSerge says:

    This is how the law should be in California and everywhere else. A bottle of vodka costs 20 bucks, why should an ounce of weed cost more than that? Also, it warms the cockles to see white weed dealers cry about prices when black weed dealers rot in jail across the country.

  22. The Product Reviewer says:

    They switched to them led boys

  23. PYTHAGORAS101 says:

    The fools should have predicted that the price of weed will keep dropping over time when it is legal.

  24. Bernardo says:

    Imagine being so biased that you think it's "unfair" to business owners that they have to compete in a free market.

  25. mughat says:

    Capitalism/freedom works. Price down, production up. Only the best will be be around to produce. P.S. Don't use drugs unless you have a rational reason.

  26. The Aggressive Pizza - Dopeness for Depressed Teens says:

    capitalism is beautiful

  27. Simon TV says:

    I don't see the point of this video, businesses go out of business all the time. Tough shit. Get over it.

  28. I Own Me - You Own You says:

    2:28 Way to quickly gloss over the fact that the federal government is creating this problem.

  29. wcm0013 says:

    So Vice wants the government to decide the winners and losers in the marijuana market? Boo Hoo, they can't overprice their product. This is supply and demand working as intended.

  30. Tim S says:

    free market ever hear of it…

  31. ShaDoW Secrets says:

    Can't wait until the fed legalize it. I wanna try some wedt coast weed, see if it stacks up to our Maine GreenBud.

  32. ShaDoW Secrets says:

    Ahh, luxury weed. Yum we call it craft cannabis up here

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