What's Ur Thing: Jay Critch On Choosing Weed Over Basketball & His Favorite Mafia Movies

Rapper Jay Critch joins comedian and DJ Cipha Sounds, talking about his passion for mafia movies. “What’s Ur Thing” reveals the unexpected obsessions and hobbies that keeps artists sane in their downtime.

Photo Credit: Jordan Hiraldo | jordanhilaldo@gmail.com
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DJ and comedian Cipha Sounds dives deep into an artist’s obsession. From Cross-Stitch to Cross-Fit. Cosplay to Calligraphy. On What’s Ur Thing, Cipha reveals the unexpected passions and crazy hobbies that keep artists sane in their downtime.

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20 thoughts on “What's Ur Thing: Jay Critch On Choosing Weed Over Basketball & His Favorite Mafia Movies”

  1. soul sc says:

    Popular opinion: this show and the host are trash and it only gets views cause of the guests

  2. Shaunybroa says:

    Guy in bape is booted ashffllflff

  3. Liam Campione says:

    Bruh they couldve edited this into a 5-10 minute video and it woulda been 10x better and got more views, why even leave in all the shit where critch obviously doesn't care

  4. Malik Brown says:

    9:53 Notice he lowkey still lives with his mother and couldn’t switch what he said it was too late rich the kid eating not critch

  5. Malik Brown says:

    Cipe when he says your gonna get him in trouble he means he obviously got a girl and real niggas would not try to actually get him in trouble and announce it hoe ass old head

  6. Yoma Ogaga says:

    Kept bringing up chicks like he aint engaged

  7. tiedyetree says:

    6:06 cute ass motherfucker

  8. Brian Teo says:

    Hood fav!!!

  9. Madeyou City TM says:

    Jay critch a real one

  10. Billz Senpai says:

    id be in ella mai shit to nbs hit her with the HAYYYYY

  11. Dicxp says:

    big facts jay critch the only good rapper out of NY rn

  12. Christian Raeburn says:

    How tall this dude?

  13. Joel Duran says:

    cipha is not it

  14. NYC Ev says:

    Gotta deep ass voice nigga

  15. riri says:

    he is FINE

  16. strawhelyperfectx says:

    Gosh this mans voice is something else. Got dang.

  17. REEE EEEK says:

    This mf west Indian???

  18. Mr. Woofless says:

    Why did i know he was gonna say hood fave

  19. Ancient Glacier Drip says:

    Bloody hell

  20. tOoEsZ says:

    Never knew he was such a boring person lol

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