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If you’ve ever gotten high at a concert or smoked and listened to your stranded-on-a-desert-island jams, you know that, like most things in life, music is better on weed. It’s awesome to begin with, obviously, but with some THC in your system, you may perceive new sonic layers or meanings in lyrics that you never noticed before and tracks that you’ve heard a thousand times suddenly sound brand new again. But what causes this special relationship between music and cannabis?

Join Merry Jane as we break down the *actual science* that explains why music sounds so good when you’re high. (As much as we love the ramblings of old hippies on this subject, we’re dealing with facts here.) See how cannabis can make time and space seem to stretch out, affect frequencies, change speech perception, synchronize sound and images, and tap into the right hemisphere of your brain. If it gets a little too “lab coat” for you, you can always just throw on some music, get lifted, and experience the sensation for yourself.

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25 thoughts on “Why Does Music Sound So Good When You're Stoned? | MERRY JANE News”

  1. Jolly Infidel says:

    I just read this article http://www.coloradodaily.com/ci_15104021 where it states that its harder to pick out rhythmic patterns and instruments.
    I will argue this because I find it easier to pick up musical patterns and notice instruments playing that I didn't before. Instrument identity is boosted for me.
    Although casual jamming has become more fluid I find that remembering the order of music can become skewed. Reading tableture has become near on a redundant cause as well.

  2. Gator 1 says:

    Once I was watching one of those “watch while high” videos and I watched it once and thought it was 5 hours. Another time had thc oil and went on a 4 hour drive with my mom without her knowing, she played good songs and even ones I didn’t like I liked. I liked everything

  3. MCBRAXY says:

    I hear music without listening to anything it's crazy it's like my heart beat is the beat to the song and I just hear lyrics probably because I had 7 blunts and 4 bowl packs I'mma go eat tho y'all br safe

  4. Massimo Amato says:

    Music sounds very bizzare and unsettling while high for me. I’ve tried different music and the result stays the same. Anyone know why?

  5. wolfbabe says:

    Powerful Heights

  6. NIX says:

    the time i heard music for the first time high was like WOW I've been missing out on sooooo much and holly shit selena did weekend bad 🙁 (lost in the fire)

  7. Not a Persona says:

    From my experience, when im stoned mechanical thought process feels quicker, like my brain is processing information given in shorter time, and since thoughts equal time, and my perception gets around thoughts faster, the present moment seems longer, if that makes sense.

  8. Phil Collins Hill says:

    Weed just makes you THINK music is better than it really is.
    This is coming from someone who has listened to music while stoned for hundreds of hours.
    Stay sober, kids.

  9. doggyfizzle719 says:

    Kanye’s work, especially his production, is wild

  10. Szyma says:

    Echoes – Pink Floyd. I cant even explain man. . .

  11. Bryce Sprague says:

    Listen to resonance by home when baked

  12. DJblackhurricane says:

    You just notice things that you never noticed before about a song. Like a certain instrument that you never heard was there before when listening while sober. Paul’s Boutique by the Beastie Boys is a great album of experiencing this as you keep hearing new samples and sounds buried within the music. Anyways, I’m fuckin stoned.

  13. waloacme says:

    Truer words have never been spoken…

  14. Tung Ha says:

    I don't like smoking weed or getting high. I tried it many times but never liked it until one day I was high and decided to listen to my favourite music. WOW such beautiful sound echoing in my head, I listened with headphones and I can hear every instrument coming from different angles. The joy of music when you're high is so beautiful.

  15. E. M. Torres says:

    I smoke weed and pass my test with A., I wonder how.?

  16. Ingrid says:

    Wow, I love this video cause I think more videos about weed+music should exist. It's one of the best things to do while high, holy shit. My life changed after the first time I used weed and listened to music. It felt like a new dimension was presented to me when I didn't even know that could exist haha And I feel happier when I know now that there are people that experience same feelings as I do such as seeing colors and patterns that goes along with the song and stuff.. damn, It's something out of this world. Weed is a bless!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  17. 413.thotty says:

    Anyone else take a fat bong hit and while it’s hitting you the music or any sound around you gets louder like a lot louder ? Lmfaooo

  18. LIAM 007 says:

    I've never connected with a video in my life

  19. shashwat says:

    Pink floyd

  20. laapache1 says:

    That works into my theory why has music from the 60 and 70s are having a resurgence on youtube is because of weed more people are using it. The music that is resurging is rock and r&b from the 60s and 70 when weed was coming in.

  21. Space Latch says:

    I have just wrote a book where in the first chapter i talk about this, it's amazing how a natural plant, headphones and a bed can make you feel a literal orgasm. It's amazing. If you want to try this just search "DMT" mellowdrone. It's so fucking wild this song.

  22. ROBERT CHAVEZ says:

    Wack music on LSD is so so fucking sexyyyy!!

  23. jonah ramos says:

    Garfield just explained to me how weed makes music sound better

  24. WeeWanTwo says:

    listen to waterloo sunset by the kinks while stoned

  25. Emma Fuller says:

    Nothing hits more differently than listening to a collection of coordinated sounds while high asf

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