Why I Quit Smoking Weed…(Change Your Life)

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Just a little story on why I no longer smoke weed!

To the people in my life that I’ve let down…I’m sorry. There’s more that i’d like to talk about, but that’s really all i could do today. I’m optimistic about the future and stayin’ strong. I hope this video helps anyone out there that has struggled with the same thing. If you like to reach out me feel free to do so.

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39 thoughts on “Why I Quit Smoking Weed…(Change Your Life)”

  1. Lieven29 says:

    Greetings from Belgium my friend. I recognize myself in your story. I am not a weed smoker, but have many stupid little addictions that I am ashamed of and that I am trying to get rid of because they depress me really bad. I have been working on a list lately, trying to figure out which habits I truely hate. Now I will try to find a system to lose them, because as you said in your video: they are a waste of time.

    Anyway, keep making these videos my man. I really enjoy them and believe your channel could get really big, once you figure out what you want to make it about. Keep strong and sober, I’m fighting my bad habits with you.

  2. SPIDER BOUY says:

    Weed =alcohol fake happiness.. good for you

  3. oviscorner 92 says:

    Keep making these videos man! They help more than you know! Have a great week, J!

  4. njstorozuk says:

    Between this and the fap video, you’ve earned yourself a new subscriber. I struggle with this topic myself and just happened to quit yesterday. I like the way you vlog, btw. stay strong

  5. Gustavo Coelho says:

    I think the biggest step is coming to the realization that the time that has been lost is gone. You can't do anything about whatever happened in the past, you can only guide your future through the present. Everyday can be a battle to reaching a goal for a specific job (maybe studying and becoming more qualified) or it can quickly be turned around into a battle of our own mind (where we find it easier to debate a past addiction in our minds rather than actually moving forward from it). You are young, no matter how old you think you may be. Take advantage of that. If you find yourself really struggling right now, try thinking about you in 10 years and what would be an ideal "look back" on those 10 years that would make you proud.

  6. DebelaBerta says:

    11:15 That face tells a lot.

  7. Jackie Chan says:

    As long as your able to keep control and smoke it occasionaly i dont find that it causes a problem atleast for me

  8. Backcountry YYC says:

    keep your head up big dawg!

  9. lewis pratt says:

    its cool man better late than never at least your doing something about it now when I was stoned all the time i was unmotivated now ive stopped smoking im so much more motivated to take action and achieve goals im now training to fly Im investing my money instead of smoking life is better without it but look at as a learning experience

  10. JQ JQ says:

    I fucked up everything in my life cous of weed. Thanks for motivational vid.

  11. EPB 323 says:

    Going through the same thing right now bro. I’m 19 been smoking since 15. Pretty much everyday for the last 4 years. I’ve lost everything in myself. And I’ve known it and I really need to make a change. I feel you bro

  12. Okc Big 3 says:

    Thanks for the video im 19 and been smoking since 6th grade at first i was fine but now it money consuming and causes me to be lazy

  13. Militant The goat says:

    I just quit Dec.17th I’m hanging tough and feeling a small difference in energy levels now

  14. N STAR says:

    Hey Jeff, how are you making out man? I wish you the best

  15. Endymion Gladstone says:

    Quitting weed myself. 4 days lol. Thanks for your story. I found a lot to empathize with.

  16. rockmanman says:

    Was it HockeyAdvice? He helped me.

  17. George Ritonia says:

    Im on the same vibe as you 20 grand in weed and time wasted opprotunities not taken

  18. evilevl says:

    Man … I can relate to so much. Quit for 2 days now, feeling like total crap at the moment and your video just gave me so much motivation. Stay strong man!

  19. Mr H says:


  20. TheGhjgjgjgjgjg says:

    I caught myself in the same predicament.I'm 26 now and took my first toke at 22,been smoking almost everyday since then.I used to be a health nut,witty,loved the gym and cracking jokes.Now I find myself asking,where is that guy? I genuinely miss myself.Lost like a friend who you watched fade away,I just want to get back to me!

  21. RustyShackleford32 says:

    I have been in the exact same place since my divorce late last year. Weed is a lot tougher to get off than I thought it would be. Let’s hang in there man. Addiction can be beat.

  22. I want To love says:

    Thank you

  23. Ruben Hayk says:

    im onday 6. life seems so bland, gaming on weed felt so epic, now its just meh

  24. WE ARE NEEGAN says:

    Great vid day 4 for me

  25. Ruffy The Rowlet says:

    I smoked occasionally for 3 months

    Started to have signs of cognitive impairment and now I want to quit, good that I'm not that dependent on it. I just hope it could be reversed, but I hear it's permanent

  26. Resonanz Filter says:

    Thanks so much for that Video. The part at 11:00 opened my eyes. It is exactly my situation.I was always looking for opportunities to smoke weed. The worst for me is all the time i have lost with smoking. Every time i had a holiday (stayed at home) i realized at the end of the holiday that i've done nothing else than smoking weed, lying around and do NOTHING and i felt very bad about it. But on the next holiday it was exactly the same. Now i'm on day three of cold turkey. The insomnia ist very bad. It makes me crazy. But i have to be strong. I threw all my smoking stuff away. How is it going for you now? Greetings from Switzerland 🙂

  27. Grim Ego says:

    Hey Jeff. I just found your channel. I feel so much of what you said. I had a large issue with just being extremely lazy for no reason. I did the exact same thing with 3-4 jobs. I would come in super high everyday, and then one day I would say “this sucks. I don’t want to be here” and walk out simple as that. I have continued to smoke daily and have gotten my life together but I have realized that I can only get so far with weed holding me down every day. Thanks for speaking your mind.

  28. Ashley Taylor says:

    Good for you bro. Proud as fuck, go live your life 🙂

  29. Cody Snowden says:

    I quit my case picking job making decent money, the weed made me quit, i felt so depressed goin into work everyday. All i did was work and smoke. Now im depressed broke and unsure if i wanna quit cause withdrawal from this shit makes you feel hopeless in life.

  30. Ian Ting says:

    This was me from 18 years old  1. my coping mechanism with stress and anxiety – smoke marijuana   2. My coping mechanism with my health issue – smoke marijuana   3. My coping mechanism when having an argument to calm myself down – smoke marijuana 4. My coping mechanism with before getting my body-check up – smoke marijuana   5. My coping mechanism with coping with political dissatisfaction (then iraq war, i was against it) – smoke marijuana   6. My coping mechanism with business from work / after a long day from work – smoke marijuana   7. My coping mechanism with the court date due to criminal charges in 2002 ( i was charged HK$750 (95USD): criminal issue – Its a secret, no jail time but record with the police only, not in public) – smoke marijuana the night before court.   8. My coping mechanism with helping my friend out at the police station – smoke marijuana right before helping out.

  31. Daniel Mendez says:

    Hey man great video. This should help some users not to abuse it or to not do it at all. Good luck!

  32. thesecretproject_ says:

    Use it. Don’t abuse it. Cheers

  33. AchievementsdaReturn says:

    I’ve smoked almost every day since I was 17. I’m 35 now. I’ve been relatively successful in sales and live comfortably. However, it pains me because I feel like it is holding me back from my true potential. It’s good to quit from time to time so you can sort out your life and set goals.

  34. Josh Smith says:

    It's hard I can relate

  35. Jackee J says:

    I quit drinking a while ago because I felt like it was the answer to all my problems. Now I realize weed has replaced alcohol for me. Weed is healthier but it is still a crutch. Time for me to finally toughen up and quit. Thanks for the motivation man. Keep these videos coming. I enjoy your BLUNTness. Sorry had to end this comment with a horrible dad joke.

  36. joseph david says:

    good for you brotatoe

  37. AlphaMale says:

    Your video helped me stop smoking! I just want you to know this that helped someone! And I'm from Bulgaria.

  38. Silentype Student Producer says:

    The bills are coming in: Time to Smoke!
    Spent too much money on weed, can't pay bills: Time to Smoke!

  39. Los Suenos says:

    Thx a million 4 sharing. It really helped me get it together! Greeting from Brazil!

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