24 thoughts on “why i stopped smoking weed 🏼‍♀️”

  1. michaelah jones says:

    I'm 14 and I do it

  2. michaelah jones says:

    But for a depressant

  3. Grace says:

    You know what I’m saying it ,

    I miss jc !

  4. Aliah Hernandez says:

    Ur thumb nail be accurate asf when u high

  5. Jazline Ramos says:

    Lmao I’m 11 I’ve already smoked 4 blunts a day lmao

  6. 1zeldarulez says:

    honestly i cant picture myself ever quitting weed lmfao im so weak i cant even take a goddamn tolerance break

  7. 1zeldarulez says:

    the reason why sometimes you were productive and sometimes you were lazy is because of the different strains!@ i call indica sleepytime weed bc it makes you sleepylol and sativa daytime weed cos it makes you wanna do shit lol

  8. Elise Renee says:

    Omg I've thought it felt like I was in a video game while driving high too!!!…it felt like my car was stationary and everything else was moving past me…weirdest. fucking. feeling. EVER!!! Especially coming up to stop signs and red lights!!! Dif types of weed give you dif types of highs sativas are "uppers" which I don't really like bc they make me hella anxious/paranoid and indicas are "downers" which I like bc I take one hit to be able to relax maybe two to go to sleep…I used to smoke SO much n then all of a sudden the same thing started happening to me…getting paranoid every time…so I quit for a couple years…now I only smoke if I know what strain it is so I can look it up to see the effects…

  9. Preslee Carson says:

    You’re awesome

  10. Jayda Amaya says:

    What’s her Twitter

  11. cool gurl says:

    yo i’m 16 going onto 17 and i’m bunning for the first time today loool

  12. Josefa hamman says:

    You don't look like don't sound like you stopped smoking weed

  13. monky boo8856 says:

    The reason u have to different experiences is because the type of u smoke. Sativa makes u wanna do stuff indica makes u lazy

  14. LittleMissComforting says:

    I feel you so freaking much, like I used to smoke weed everyday! But then for some reason I started to succomb to the anxiouse Ness it gave me and now I too scared to smoke it flips me out!!!

  15. Laura Andersen says:

    im actually about to smoke while watching this:))))))

  16. Marianne Johnson says:

    Did you say giving grandma a bath? Or grandma taking a nap?

  17. Olivia says:

    This one time I smoked a bowl and I could feel it hitting quickly and it felt good at first, but then it just spiraled and I thought my eyes were about to squeeze out of my skull and that my brain was hemorrhaging..I was crying to my dad that everything felt so bad. I was asking if it was laced but it wasn’t, it was just some really strong weed. Turns out I ended up getting too high. I just don’t do it too much anymore.

  18. Ryan Dodd says:

    3:14 thats bc there is 2 types of hybrids of weed. Sativa makes you very energized and makes you want to be active usually better to smoke during the day and Indica causes increased appetite (munchies) and makes you more relaxed (lazy).

  19. Jordyn says:

    Okay this is literally crazy as shitttttttt i stopped smoking 3 weeks ago from today bc I got HELLA anxiety for some reason too and I had been smoking since I was 14 toooooooo like I'm so glad I'm not alone in this shit tho like it rlly makes me feel good I ain't the only one who experienced this, I fucking love you Mundaaaaa❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  20. Macy Gray says:

    A teletubbie tho

  21. Hannah Sebring says:

    the first time i got high, i fell down the stairs

  22. Lucas Oats says:

    You stopped smoking because youre a broke bitch.

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