Why I stopped smoking weed

This is a very informative video about the harmful effects of smoking weed, Truth in its purest form, except it or reject it ,Nubreed going to tell it. Also gave a personal testimony on why I stopped smoking.

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14 thoughts on “Why I stopped smoking weed”

  1. Buяиѕ ѕтєαl says:

    You have my full respect a guy flipped out on me just for telling him weed is bad like he got really upset over something so small these guys literally brain wash themselves to thinking its good for them.

  2. Ecosiuman says:

    Hat off to you for this video.

  3. herbprophet says:

    I completely see your point. But the powers that control this world(wickedness in high places)have demonized this plant for over a century. It's one of the few things that has no toxicity or overdose level. The federal government hasn't legalized marijuana and NEVER will. Only states where it was VOTED in have. Yet you can go by tylenol and fry your liver all you want, or go get some harmful pharmaceuticals(pharmekia is the Greek word used in the Bible for witchcraft, no coincidence). Shit even coffee is more dangerous both physically AND mentally. A young girl died in my state after drinking 7 double shots of espresso. Cannabis DOES NOT destroy brain cells! I have an IQ over 130, which is considered "gifted". Studies have showed the opposite, with it actually protecting brain cells and neurotransmitters. It has it's down sides when used in abundance though that's for sure, mainly once you stop abruptly. Cannabis's Aramaic word is "kaneh bosm" and WAS an original ingredient in the Holy Anointing Oil mentioned in Exodus of the Old Testament. Kaneh bosm was burned in Moses Tent of the Meeting long with other sacred herbs like myrhh, and frankinscense. But like I said, I agree in the fact it is NOT being used properly. In fact it is consecrated by God, and should NOT be used by unbeliever's AT ALL! They dumb this God given herb down and make it something it is not. It is NOT to be used for a good time, or as "party time". The federal government actually has plans to do away with all the medical marijuana in states that have voted it in. Cannabis has shown immense power to stop seizures in adult and even young children, when taken orally. Cannabis extracts like RSO have well documented uses to cure many types of cancer as well. Watch "Run From the Cure" here on youtube to see that proof.

  4. joesph carter says:

    Yep… good video

  5. DirtyRottenInsult says:

    Weed is has been a huge crutch in my life.

  6. ear1yb1rd says:

    i 100% agree 🙂

  7. SUGMAD says:

    Eat it raw and it's only beneficial and the thc is inactive. If you want a psychoactive tea, cook the leaves and add some oil in the water. Dose as low as possible and only do it occasionally and it can benefit many individuals. It can teach how to manage stress and anxiety, but you should not rely on it.

  8. Justin says:

    When I used to smoke. I have some very strange stories when I was on it. It attracted dark entities to me. Once I truly believe I was possesed infront of a mirror. It really is wicked. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Black Top Ty says:

    11:44 you were probably listening to a Rick Ross or Wale album (chains and women)…but on a serious note I hear you, being a regular smoker you would think that hallucinations miss you like a target but I guess from your story it says otherwise

  10. Joey Torres says:

    Nubreed, this vid changed my life. Thank you.

  11. Yao Don says:

    The weed in America and Europe is a drug mixed with chemicals weed in Jamaica is 100% natural

  12. Slr Pics Photography says:

    Got 30 days clean of all substances today. New lifestyle for me. Great video.

  13. brs rafal says:

    Smoke if u wanna smoke weed A blunt on weekend won't hurt u just don't over do!

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