Wiz Khalifa – Alright ft. Trippie Redd & Preme [Official Video]

Wiz Khalifa – Alright feat. Trippie Redd & Preme
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Wiz Khalifa – Taylor (produced by Cardo) [Official Video]

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40 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifa – Alright ft. Trippie Redd & Preme [Official Video]”

  1. corey sommers says:

    Wiz what the fuck you doin makin a song with that fool… he sound like shit…

  2. King Ace says:

    i only listened to the trippie parts.

  3. wutup man says:

    Yo wiz can u come out to erie pa

  4. Matt Stephenson says:

    When is Trippie redd going to do something with post Malone that would be big flames

  5. Makija Baustian says:

    Y'all keep saying wiz and trippie. Fuck em niggas listen to premes verse

  6. Jocelaine Jmdj says:

    Big 1400 (grande 1400)

  7. denner alves says:

    I'm addicted to this sound !

  8. Westbound Promo says:

    t dot stand up

  9. Griffins Simeka says:

    With this track am alrhight

  10. Isak C says:

    What the fuck is this, how can anyone actually listen to this

  11. HACKER COY says:

    Everyone is sleeping on that unknown nigga

  12. Doğukan Uygun says:

    Wiz abi seni çok seviyorum. Klavyem bozuk biraz her tuş yazmıyor. Bana klavye yollar mısın esrar şeklinde? 4D sınıfı olarak seni davet etmek istiyoruz. İhracet edersen talibimize çok mutlu oluruz. Doğukan Uygun

  13. coco'Z RECORDS says:

    Khalifa man!!!¡!! Trippi gay

  14. Alexzander Robinson says:

    So nobody came for preme…….damn

  15. YB Club says:

    Guys I'm in 5 grade doing a state about North Dakota report and Wiz Khalifa was born in the state of north Dakota I think it's cool cause I love him no homo

  16. Ashiq Ahmed says:


  17. hunter maryboy says:

    Wassup wiz this dope u think u could do a track with me for 2019 just u and me $420$

  18. Mikhail Hurst says:

    Rip hip hop

  19. Carioca da Gema says:

    Wiz sempre com Hit top

  20. gabriel mendes says:

    eiii seeeeeeeeee

  21. IIIIIIIIIIII says:

    People still listen to Wiz?? He says the same shit on every song

  22. SHAWTY says:

    is that purpps voice

  23. random4 says:

    no one talking about PREME

  24. Notxsativa says:

    Indonsia mana suara nya nih ?..2019

  25. Swag95Bernil says:

    Preme sound like Tory on dis one

  26. Dominick Williams says:

    Wiz X Spitta “The Goats”

  27. Lupita Rios says:

    good Rolón I like it if it seems cool

  28. lukita says:

    la rompes toda wiz

  29. Naveen Jayanthinathan says:

    Wiz!! would you lika adopt me.. I'm from India.,tamilnadu chennai…you gotta whole lotta weed man. I wanna be like you man.

  30. Sonam Sherpa says:

    this was going good until preme came in.

  31. Pablo Escobar says:

    Sahnede Sigarasını Yakıyo Wiz Ama Bize Gelince AMK HAPİS !!!

  32. D Sleezy412 says:

    Trripe red just looks retared and sounds bout the same this nigga got the suds from sponge bob fuck out of here

  33. D Sleezy412 says:

    If u wanna hear good music look up never been by wiz not this bullshit

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