Wiz Khalifa – King [Official Audio]

Wiz Khalifa – King from Rolling Papers 2 Out Now
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30 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifa – King [Official Audio]”

  1. Pa Pa Papix says:

    Only God can judge me

  2. Ronnie Mike says:

    am king 2 thank you wiz for motivating me yo

  3. abhi sharma says:

    love papers and love yu wiz

  4. nate dogg says:


  5. Grass Valley CA Riley says:

    Lemme get a nuggg

  6. Armando Colon says:

    Khalifa Kush on the way lol

  7. Rohann Mazumder says:

    Video must be out tho

  8. Olavi Freestyle says:

    Wiz Is best

  9. Exploration Bros. says:

    People In Canada Can “Light It Up” Legally Now

  10. THE SPOT says:

    my daily motivation

  11. Joey Jr says:

    Needs a music video wiz !!

  12. Pitek Official says:

    Am just roll that

  13. technological reinovations says:


  14. Basil Paul says:


  15. Jithin Jithu says:

    Wer can I download this audio

  16. Legendas Wiz says:

    Cause i'mma king

  17. BeastMode FIAZCO says:

    #BestWizTracks Fr Fr, Medication, youngen on his grind, Sleezy, Irie, Guilty Conscience, The Last, king everything, Choosin, Never been pt1+ 2,Friendly, The Code, California, Africa,look into my eyes, got me some more, Taylor Gang, NBA..#LegendKhalifa

  18. neisangkimi khawbung says:

    Nice songs like it

  19. Den Kondra says:

    Shutout from gRreece!

  20. Chris Kelley says:

    Need a video!!!

  21. Alexia Sakach says:

    Do you like the chiefs?

  22. Idk my name says:

    i always take bong hits with the light it up part.

  23. Kevin Clark says:

    by far his best album, & Tbh this probably my fav rap album & wiz aint even my fav rapper. definitely 1 of them though

  24. kishan kumar says:

    Rich king

  25. Angel of Neo says:

    Sound better with autotune

  26. Deckard Wick says:

    bitch Im king

  27. Paolo Aldemita says:


  28. LVLilVoiceTGHGVEVO says:

    1:28 to 1:56 is my part

  29. GTA: El mafioso says:

    The best song ever

  30. Hell flames says:


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