21 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifa- Pack Loud Ft. Travis Scott & French Montana (Audio)”

  1. Hamada Mahali says:


  2. Blake Harris says:

    It’s sad how good Wiz used to be. This song is hot ass. Travis verse stopped me from committing suicide.

  3. skittles says:

    Rihanna is like "oh shit Wiz gonna get me fucked up fr"

  4. Hector Gonzalez says:

    Whys this song so hard

  5. Blacky Sosa says:

    This song make me wanna fuck a nigga bitch

  6. CharlesDaily says:

    Yo this shit fuckin slap what the fuvk I needed this rn thanks

  7. Mike Shutter says:

    Yo hommies who needs top quality fire gas? Wickr::Chriswoodman or Text +1(323)7445145

  8. aidan says:

    travis can make any song 10x better no cap

  9. Pro Habits says:

    French Montana :you know when you hear that hannnnnn

  10. Kevin Og says:

    can someone make a version WITHOUT french Montana please

  11. Lee .H says:

    You killed this track…keep it up wiz

  12. MATRIX GHOST says:

    Whose the producer

  13. Uma nayyar says:

    excuse me french what are you doing here sir?

  14. Royal Indigo says:

    Im juss sayin…Travis Scott, Logic and Wiz Khalifa would be insane!

  15. Randy James says:

    Lot of hate on the comments but Wiz killed it

  16. OmGiTzAaRonXx says:

    That beat fire on the chorus

  17. Clint Beastwood says:

    Wiz hit em with that oreo flow!

  18. E I M says:

    That beginning part sounds so familiar like its from another song or something

  19. Cristian Mancillas says:

    Is that Rihanna?

  20. George DeYonge says:

    Why is this so slept on

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