44 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifa: Weed Got Me Through School!”

  1. j z a says:

    Wiz yea yupp khalifa

  2. germacam says:

    Joe “pot” rogan

  3. Shawn Cyr says:

    Instagram: @cyrsh1

  4. Astros17 says:

    thats the dumbest thing ive heard in a week

  5. T Z says:

    Morgan Freeman.

  6. Jakob Roe says:

    Exactly people let it be known what they think about you…..judge

  7. Jakob Roe says:

    I wanna kick it with joe

  8. Leo Beardmore-Gray says:

    his laugh is clapped

  9. Matt A says:

    Lol joe rogan gotta stop hatin I can see wiz discomfort I wonder if he racist n ppl peep him out

  10. Idontmind therain says:

    Let’s just say hypothetically if you got the right job and you went to it stoned after you already were trained on everything you might get shit done better because you don’t want to give your manager a chance to even look into your eyes. You might be wiping of counters and sweeping the floor and brewing fresh coffee and everything and then before you know it your shift is over and it’s time to get stoned again. Hypothetically.

  11. Jacob Bevis says:

    Yea yea YUP

  12. yung kam says:

    not a single soul:
    wiz: yeah yup

  13. Bud Borne says:

    I personally never went to high school, I went to school high

  14. shean991 says:

    Joe 'Air travel is always better when you're high' Rogan

  15. Gorilla Madness says:

    Who's high right now here in the comments?

  16. Elian Zacarias says:

    Do a part 2 with Wiz and uncle Snoop

  17. Craig K says:

    Doctor: You have 3 months to live

    Wiz: Yuh, Yup. Huhuhuhuahaha

  18. Bryan Allan says:

    God you're milking this interview… yes we know Joe and Wiz smoke weed. Move on please

  19. Keith Lambkin says:

    Fuckin retard. Don’t let your kids see this. Seriously

  20. Finger banging Your mom says:

    Na fam. Weed took you out of school

  21. Jared m says:

    Yeah I wouldn’t recommend a thc 300mg chocolate bar for the first time flying. Felt like I was on Spaceship 2000

  22. zeemin dmn says:

    Weed got me through school. How?

    I dropped out

  23. Hussin Ali says:

    Weed got me through dental school

  24. Q says:

    Shoutout to Wiz sticking with the fitted…

  25. Tai Lopez says:

    Weed literally makes you temporarily retarded and leaves you with residual brain fog

  26. G- Irvoo says:

    Wish I smoked weed when I was in high school didn’t know how much it could help fr regret to this day

  27. ADMIRAL Ai says:

    wow, i’m surprised i started smoking before wiz

  28. Steve Owens says:

    You can tell Joe is pandering to this moron, it's really cringey and pathetic at the same time.

  29. Jthrillz 728 says:

    So what ultimately led him to smoking weed was racism. Which since into now has been a generated vice for him to remove himself from this reality ? Escapism.

  30. DromiX says:

    Acid got me through elementary school

  31. David The wizard says:


  32. Hawara Oida says:

    If I just had smoked in school before dropping out

  33. Fade Away says:

    Same weed got me through school too made it more tolerable and found it easier to focus

  34. operater 84 says:

    Wiz Khalifa's music sucks!!!!!!!

  35. Pablo Escobar says:

    Joe "it makes sense" rogan

  36. Melted TV says:

    Weed should be legal

  37. Robert Nicolas says:

    Weed got me through going completely crazy

  38. TG 23 says:

    Wiz “ Ha Ha Ha” Khalifa

  39. Cole Chamberlain says:

    Weed is a medicine; one should treat it as such. I smoke everyday, almost a gram of concentrates and if I go over my fined tuned dose (took years to find it) than that’s where I notice diminishing returns

  40. Andre Treml says:

    Joe "have you gotten high your whole life?"
    Out of the womb mothafuka

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