Wiz Khalifa – You Don't Have To Hide feat. Young Deji [Official Audio]

Wiz Khalifa – You Don’t Have To Hide feat. Young Deji from Fly Times

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19 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifa – You Don't Have To Hide feat. Young Deji [Official Audio]”

  1. komanyo maduhu says:

    Nonstop music

  2. Paige Selen says:

    2019 banger

  3. Kris Martin says:

    I'm literally crying I need this project life has been rough lately

  4. Lil Roc says:

    2013 high school vibes

  5. Giuseppe Zannotti says:

    Deji sucks ass should of left wiz by itself

  6. C Sanders says:

    Still smoking and riding to this!!! Jet life!! tgod

  7. Musty says:

    Happy 4:20 man

  8. ricardo barajas says:

    Would be dope if wiz did a funk album

  9. Alex says:

    This beat reminds me of the 90’s

  10. Devin Mitchell says:

    I understand if you don't wanna take the time to check out my music, but I gotta try for my kids. Much love to all either way(except them lil bitches)
    Search "Divinus – My Kids and Friends" if you want to check it out though,

  11. john patrick palacio says:

    Wiz khalifa I'm a fan from Philippines notice me just hearth this and I will be the happiest man alive.

  12. Jonathan Flores says:

    Best Album of his since Rollin papers

  13. Starwars Starwarz says:

    Sound like Z-Ro beat

  14. Da jacka killyaself says:

    DJ Fresh!!! Bay area shit

  15. Skinny J says:

    DJ Freeeeeesh

  16. Stereo says:


  17. TrillEnt95 says:

    People so sleep man..

  18. Jahv Coas says:

    Gang GANG !

  19. Twizz The Whiz Kid says:

    Feels like I'm back in the 90's.

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