29 thoughts on “Would you smoke this?…”

  1. high_nb says:


  2. ganjagramseast says:

    stoners_playground COOL!

  3. mateomontoya_ says:


  4. babygirl_5517 says:

    Is that a question?

  5. brunoog19 says:


  6. benjamin_entertainment2nite says:

    Yup I would get a tube and blow it in my butt

  7. indicaangie says:

    Are you kidding?

  8. indicaangie says:

    Closer Closer Closer

  9. brandon__manchester says:

    That’s smart, I just found a better way

  10. skoupelakouloukia says:

    Yeap, of course! NAMASTE +++

  11. p3ter_420p says:


  12. demetsalar__ says:

    @ohmid.h junfe

  13. thatstonedbitchx says:


  14. famousboyty says:

    @stoners_playground oh what it do

  15. famousboyty says:

    What is that

  16. emo_cooter_boi says:

    Panama red is the best weed I’ve ever had I couldn’t walk @aye_itz_araina

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