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Does Vaping Weed Smell?

Does vaping weed smell like smoking weed? Do vapes make your weed last longer? This an so many other frequently asked questions about vaping weed will be answered in this video! Thank you… Youtube Channel

Topaz™ Herbal Smoking Concentrate Review

Video Review / Showcase of Topaz™ 100% natural and legal Herbal Smoking Concentrate. Topaz™ is a Damiana based concentrate infused with full spectrum extracts. It is a smooth, enjoyable, long lasting, substantial smoke whether it is smoked on its own or sprinkled on top of

How to Make Cannabis Butter From Bud

Dank Network in partnership with Leafbuyer presents: How to Make Cannabis Butter From Bud If you’re interested in the medical benefits of cannabis, but you’re turned off to the idea of inhaling it through smoking or vaping, then other consumption methods could be more up

The Truth About the Deep State – Part 3 of 3 – Military Industrial Complex

This episode covers the 17 primary intelligence agencies and the top 10 defense contractor corporations. #DeepState #ShadowGovernment #NotInMyName Crowd funding makes my investigations possible! DONATIONS BY CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD: Patreon: PayPal: DONATIONS BY CRYPTOCURRENCY: Bitcoin: 1JRJ4Zv6SH67WjYA4FSVQfQVwcsc2rFtiX Ethereum: 0xEe6c6dEd9a7608B6Bfdd02f10921f231099b5435 Litecoin: LfHK1Cnz6P5wxgQYS4Y2ZCk4m1J6kg4Gqh DONATIONS BY CHECK, CASH