Kamala Harris Jokes About Marijuana Use

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In this Majority Report clip, it’s funny because she was hyper-aggressive in prosecuting this drug.

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“Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has drawn a line in the sand with other presidential hopefuls: a green one.

On Monday, Harris told the hosts of the New York City radio show “The Breakfast Club” that rumors that she didn’t support legalization were completely false.

“That’s not true,” she told the show’s host Charlamagne Tha God. “Half my family is from Jamaica, are you kidding me?”

Harris later added: “I think it gives a lot of people joy, We need more joy in the world.”

The Democratic senator also admitted to smoking a joint in college and made a subtle dig at President Bill Clinton by adding, “and I inhaled” ― a reference to a comment Clinton made during the 1992 campaign when he said he tried cannabis, but “didn’t inhale it.””*

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50 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Jokes About Marijuana Use”

  1. Brandin says:

    Kamala is all the Establishment has. It doesn't matter that she's unlikable, that her record is terrible, or that people see through her phony pandering…the only thing that matters are the optics. The Establishment understand that, in this era of fact checking, their most powerful weapon is identity politics. Idpol makes people emotional, and emotions trump logic with a lot of voters.

    What's more "inspiring" than the first female president who is also a woman of color?

    Biden, Beto, and Booker are just the opening acts. They're just here to distract and keep the circus going. Kamala is the true headliner.

    This era of metoo, anti-feminism, anti-sjw has caused the galvanization of centrist libs. It's a woman's turn. To them, only a woman as president can exact revenge upon MAGA trolls. It's all emotion. It's the reason AOC is so popular with them while Bernie is despised, despite them both having identical policy positions.

    The Establishment isn't trying to sway savvy voters who actually research candidates. They're going to put all their effort and money into pushing Kamala on the people who vote with their feelings and/or people ignorant about her record.

    Harris is a WOC, she has years of legal and political experience, and she will happily sellout for her corporate donors. She is all they have because no one else checks all the boxes as completely as she does.

  2. Nick D says:

    I find it disturbing that she would play on an ethnic stereotype that Jamaicans smoke a lot of marijuana. In fact, more than twice as many people smoke marijuana per capita in the U.S. I don't know if this is a lack of sensitivity to minorities or genuine ignorance, but neither of those qualities are admirable in a U.S. president.

  3. ChrispyD says:

    We’re not ‘basically headed there’ tho as you said Sam

  4. Marquis McElveen says:

    yall need to relax and watch her whole interiew on the breakfast club . she was answering two questions at once. people are freaking out. lllol she wasnt laughing aboout marijuana. she was laughing at charlamagne.

  5. Keisha Martin says:

    Tupac wasn't famous when she was in school

  6. Guy barton says:

    waste of time, thanks

  7. Keisha Martin says:

    Or Tupac first album came out five years after she graduated college

  8. brainsareus says:

    She has the soulless cackle of a fucking witch

  9. Grizzly Bear says:

    Nobody on the left is talking about the hunger strike of 70 ICE detainees ?
    This is huge.

  10. Mr. White says:

    She is an established neocon, NEXT

  11. Philly Special95 says:

    She also laughed at the thought of legalization of marijuana and can been seen by anyone lol she met with AIPAC in private and has a horrible criminal justice record. Kamala is the worst of the worst. She also has no chance at beating Trump. Warner Media can prop her up all that want and AIPAC. If the DNC rigs this race for her over Tulsi enjoy Trump for 4 more years. Hopefully we don’t Bomb Iran and start world war 3 but I won’t bet against it.

  12. Scoot Pooty says:

    This lady needs to disappear.

  13. edfou5 says:


  14. Don Brennan says:

    She put people in jail for what she did

  15. Scott Johnston says:

    She's just another boring neoliberal incrementalist, who will alienate the base, inflame the right, and pave the way for Bush/Trump 2.0….

  16. David Owens says:

    Kamala Harris's biggest problem…support from the African American community. If she can't pull Obama numbers she can't beat Trump.

  17. internetuser says:

    Hillary 2.0

  18. Do It Live says:

    My white boss at work said; “Camila Harris is awesome. She’s black and a woman.”
    smh. there’s so much more important things to consider.

  19. INFO MUTT says:

    Pamela Harris is a dangerous loathsome person that never deserves to be trusted.

  20. Robert Schrader says:

    Sam is just upset because Bernie's fate is sealed. He'll be eliminated before Super Tuesday! (Though he'll probably keep grifting $27 donations through the convention.)

  21. CybershamanX says:

    I get the feeling that she has either not smoked pot before or she smoked much more than once. I'm not really sure what to make of it. Either she's trying to act like she knows what getting high is like or she is afraid that people will think she's a closet stoner. That's the problem with suddenly changing your tune, you come across as being disingenuous.

  22. F Z says:

    “I apologize to anyone who felt pain from this anti Jamaican trope”

    Oh wait, no one cares when there’s actual racist tropes? Hmm how interesting.

    (To be clear I’m not clowning Omar I’m clowning everyone who In bad faith claimed it was anti Semitic, and everyone who out of spinelessnes, psychological issues, or social conformity conceded that it was in any way anti Semitic)

  23. Viriathus Shepherd-Dux says:

    Ummm… when she was said to be enjoying marijuana, she was out of college and out of law school. The longer her campaign for the presidency goes, the more Kamala Harris keeps proving to me why I can't trust her. I am basically a never-Kamala-Harris voter at this point.

  24. Tattletale RED says:

    Kamala, you cannot win or even beat trump – but Tulsi can.

    Vote Tulsi and donate to her because Tulsi does not take tainted money as an honest woman of Color.

    We don’t need a black person who bows to her donors just because she’s black. Remember Clarence Thomas who has proven his worth to his donors as a black so color can be deceivers.

    Tulsi is Not a Deceiver, she stands for the values of all humans. She even points out how Slavery represents Capitalism which creates criminals while Kamala puts innocent blacks in prisons. Go figure.

  25. Zabieru McCloud says:

    "there is a much broader spectrum of people critiquing this" AKA black people ain't falling for her bullshit.

    I know you guys are cool and all but stop talking about us like we don't know you are and stop talking like you know us because you notice something. Not being mean, just informative. Also Obama was heavily critiqued by white people.

    Lol that lavender joke was hilarious as hell.

  26. Zabieru McCloud says:

    This show needs a black guy.

  27. PINKY PONY says:

    i smoked a ton of weed…….Pink 2020

  28. Kevin T. says:

    …you know, if people would stop treating pot smoking like it's some dangerous plunge instead of the glass of wine equivalent it is.

  29. Carl Rice says:

    Yeah, its not a good look to do something and then criticize and even worse to heavily prosecute people who do the same thing. I wont vote for her in primaries but ill tell you this, if it's trump or her, id hold my nose and take her. And if you dont vote in that case, you might as well vote for trump

  30. Bad80y1 says:

    She’s not much for the progressive movement. Meaning healthcare for all, getting money outta politics, inequality to name a few. She’s a total establishment corporate donor candidate. Pretty much of which most of the candidates running are. You got Warren that’s the most progressive. Sanders is not on that list cuz he’s yet to announce it. What’s killing America is money in politics. It’s what most of them live for as politicians. The lobbying money. Until that law is removed and a amendment is issued to end it, let’s be real in even realizing the reality of a single payer healthcare system. I still have a hard time believing you have yet to have the amazing experience of living in a country where you can just walk in and out of a Doctor’s Office after a physical for instance without the headaches of co pays and all the other negatives you have to go through. Anyways I’m rambling. I surely can feel and understand why your country is so sick of the role of government when all these schills do is everything for their donors and very little for the majority who vote for them and put them in office. American corruption is absolutely insane. Guess we know why it’s the richest country in the world, yet has some of the highest poverty levels.

  31. collator says:

    1,420 views ayy

  32. DoMiNiQuE says:

    Lol the comments starting with Sam is just mad … He's pretty chill and didn't even savage her about her lies like he does others I feel like he was too nice to her fake ass but he wouldn't have the same feelings about her as I do she's not pandering to his community I'm waiting for her to do this with her Indian side …

  33. Trumpster fire! says:

    Bernie 2020 A True Progressive

  34. Canaan says:

    As a prosecutor I'm sure she has put people in jail over smoking weed so her joking about smoking weed herself infuriates me. There is no way I would vote for Kamala Harris.

  35. wannabchomsky says:


  36. bumtree says:

    She's just horrible

  37. blahblah24681357 says:

    kamala going on the breakfast club to brag about smoking weed is the equivalent of hillary going on the breakfast club to brag about keeping hot sauce in her bag!

  38. John Jason Tesla says:

    She was very aggressive against young
    black men and very gentle with rich white bankers!

  39. tony plow says:

    What a hip young girl she giggles every time someone says pot.

  40. Tensai55 says:

    She did release an ad for the rally a week before the rally actually happened. That wasn't an accident. That was making sure ppl would know about the rally and be there. Her announcement ad was actually an ad for her rally – that's why I gave her a bit of a pass about the lack of policy in the vid. It was obviously an ad for a rally. Unfortunately, she has yet to really follow that up with any real policy substance and still doesn't even have an issues page on her website.

  41. Critical Defense says:

    As much as I hate the Orange buffoon… if the DNC rigs it for this evil witch Hillary 2.0 over Bernie and Warren then fuck it Trump it is for another 4 years. Fuck you rigged fucks trying to force this evil bitch up on us. Locking up minorities for smoking shit she smoked and giving tickets to families who's kids missed school. Fuck this bitch

  42. Erasmus the blasphemous says:

    Not voting for her anyway
    Call me when she smokes pcp.

  43. Bern Blue says:

    Kamala smokes weed and listens to rappers like Tupac and Snoop Dog. She then becomes a prosecutor and puts people in jail for possession of weed. Then when a judge wants to release these same people from jail because of prison overcrowding she says No because the economy of California needs their labor at $2 a day.
    That's a progressive we can depend on!

  44. moviedude22 says:

    3:05 obtuse or did he mean abstruse?

  45. Fluteristic says:

    She hasn't even started her new job !!! What a piece of shit Harris you are. She NEVER investigated the murder of Philip Marshall and his entire family. Don't ever think you can run for president. HOW DARE YOU niggar-bitch.

  46. moviedude22 says:

    Sam really is …jaded in numerous ways. Not all Jamaicans agree with lax cannabis policy or even over indulgence that's a myth and a stereotype that I believe has long run its course….and sadly for me the CTG and the Breakfast club has as well!! He actually ran to MSNBC to shill for this mild train wreck of a candidate, in order to do a bit of damage control because of her appearance

  47. Left Is Best says:

    Fake progressive. Sad.

  48. ian scherer says:

    I’d like to see a hard number of how many people went to jail for marijuana possession during her years as a prosecutor.

  49. troy lenz says:

    This lady's full of crap. I will not be voting for her. She jokes around on a talk show like cannabis is no big deal after putting only God knows how many people in prison for cannabis, destroying countless lives. I do not trust a word this woman says.

  50. Logic Works says:

    It has to be over but I can’t vote for her. I don’t like her. I’m convinced none of this matters. I’ll vote for Trump and lets see how interesting times can be. Burn this MF’er down. ‘May you live in interesting times’ Someone said those words in China sometime around 1500 BC. Lets make him proud. Confucius said that possibly or a fortune cookie made in Amarillo. One of the two. Either way ‘Interesting times’=X=WTFever you want it to be so there is no wrong answer. That’s why it’s so fucking profound.

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