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My second attempt smoking a joint as fast as I can. Stay lifted!! Instagram: fat.dabber Snapchat:dabbingdeadhead Email: ALL VIDEOS ARE RECORDED WHERE CANNABIS IS LEGAL AND EVERYONE IN ALL VIDEOS IS OVER THE AGE OF 21 ALL VIDEOS ARE FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES Youtube Channel

Smoking a Bowl of STEMS (Do Stems Get You High?)

Today we test test something that has been disputed for ages. Do stems get you high? We figure out in this video by smoking an entire bowl of delicious Marijuana stem in the name of science. If you like the video, feel free to like,

Girl takes FAT dab hits!/SMOKE-OUT

Lol sorry about the end,that dab just got me fucked up had to go lay down also excuse my nasty gum chewing throw the video lol I love you guys all please like comment and subscribe you guys all are my little pot-leafs! Medical marijuana

Hash Concentrates Smoking Demo (compilation)

Compilation of us taking hash dabs of some OG Co2 Full Melt. From Earth Group in Hesperia. Best dispensary in the High Desert! Stickers-Email We are prop 215 patients. Music is Luniz Youtube Channel