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How to make CannaButter AKA Marijuana Butter

Link for Marijuana Infused Coconut Oil What you will NEED!!! Cooking Pot… 1 Ounce of Decarbed Marijuana… 1 Pound of Unsalted Butter… Approximately 5 Cups of Water…1 1/2 Inches of Water in Your Pot… Glass or Stainless Steel Bowl….. Digital Thermometer….. Glass Jar for Storage…..

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Avoid the Marijuana Headache

A lot of people get headaches the morning after smoking. This video addresses how to avoid that. Youtube Channel

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How To Start A Medical Marijuana Operation In Oklahoma.

Tulsa Attorney Isaiah Brydie with Urban Legal explains how to start up a grow processing and distribution operation for medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma. You can open up a grow operation, a processing operation, and a distribution operation, all three in one. Need

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