Mark Normand Stand-Up

Mark Normand performs jokes about getting fired for being drunk at work and his life as a socially awkward introvert.

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Mark Normand Stand-Up

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49 thoughts on “Mark Normand Stand-Up”

  1. Morgan Feed says:

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  2. Natasa Tran says:

    I love how Jimmy just laughs by himself in the dark by the corner.

  3. Blak says:

    Mark Normand is my spirit animal…

  4. Mike Thompson says:

    Questloves laugh can heal your souls

  5. Rishi Chowdhary says:

    The girlfriend walker bit is killer! great job Mark!

  6. Luna 966 says:

    Chipotle, give this man a black card! This set was lunch!

  7. twenty514 says:

    That's Lunch!

  8. Johnny Perez says:

    Thing is, he's truly socially awkward in real life.
    Treat urself Mark, you deserve it.

  9. Johnny Perez says:

    Thing is, he's truly socially awkward in real life.
    Treat urself Mark, you deserve it.

  10. Ja Ruhle says:

    I always feel that the claps on these Jimmy Fallon sets feels forced

  11. Jared Rodriguez says:

    Mark Normand is hilarious! Love his podcast "Tuesdays with stories"

  12. Marcos Alvarado says:

    he always says that kevin hart thing. i love this guy. hi podcast is amazing. its called Tuesdays with stories and its with another great comic JOe list.

  13. Kassia Toth says:

    wow that pumped in laugh track was amazing.

  14. grandedoses says:

    This was funny and actually really relatable.

  15. wackydelly84 says:

    the comments are all positive cuz this is before he associated himself with amy.

  16. Ken Johnston says:

    Love this guy! Thanks Mark! Keep your funny going!

  17. tig says:

    @1:18 Pete Holmes is that you

  18. Obediah Abisua says:

    my favorite is when she band members laugh, that must be the highest compliment! I would just try to make them laugh as much as possible

  19. davemathewsrocks says:

    This guy is awesome

  20. Scott Schuler says:

    Questlove laughing in the background hahah. Ya gotta love his laugh

  21. o0LoveLove0o says:

    Lmfaoooooo, well I guess we're gonna kiss

  22. Seki Deschanel says:

    Jimmy even feels obliged to fake laugh in the dark xD

  23. hoyit says:

    I love Mark. Totally my type of comedian.

  24. Ash says:

    Is it just me or does he sound like Bighead from Silicon Valley? xD

  25. Dutch Blokzyl says:

    Yes! excellent stuff as always. love Mark!

  26. ComaProductions says:

    72 Hot People were Offended by this.

  27. Ben Aaron Michelson says:

    He reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield

  28. jangyman says:

    Mark, you da man! …clean set …and on a couple hours sleep!

  29. ray hutchings says:

    fantastic set, brought me to tears! better without the mic stand #chipotle

  30. DeathByDuctape says:

    Lol. His voice is awesome. Kindve norm mcdonaldy

  31. Dada rose says:

    Kevin Hart is finally good again!

  32. Chris T says:

    Mark Normand is a legend. And Tursdays with Stories is the best podcast!

  33. Jaguar7444 says:

    He doesn't give himself enough credit he's funny AND cute.

  34. Jason Johnson says:

    "Thanks alot im Kevin Hart, goodnight"

  35. arrghgarry says:

    kevin hart has shot up in height and got funny

  36. A person you may know says:

    Normand's on the verge of something

  37. margomarie1 says:

    I don't normally dislike videos, but this guy was awful.

  38. ray hutchings says:

    effing elarrious!

  39. Diego Alva says:

    mark's the best

  40. Futt bucker says:

    Kevin Hart has been having some issues with his skin color I guess.

  41. Rick Mercier says:

    I am an introvert

  42. weirdduck88 says:

    I dunno what you're talking about, Mark. You're hot!

  43. Ďinda S says:

    Funnier than Fallon will ever be…

  44. Jj Mm says:

    The girlfriend walker bit was beneath him.

  45. akshay kr says:

    man kevin hart has dual personalities.

  46. Sandler23 says:

    I can totally imagine 8 girls pooping on a sidewalk with a chain around their necks. Thats what girls are good at. Pooping and pretending they are owned.

  47. Jim Knopf says:

    Two of the most annoying things ever in this video:
    hot guy who jokes about him being ugly
    People cheering when he asked "any introverts here?"
    Seriously guys you have no idea what it's like…

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