Avoid the Marijuana Headache

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A lot of people get headaches the morning after smoking. This video addresses how to avoid that.

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12 thoughts on “Avoid the Marijuana Headache”

  1. iLL Will says:

    What's hannin Mink that hasn't had to me in years

  2. Eazyduzit says:

    Take a shot of Pedialyte before you go to bed and in the morning when you wake up. We in the jungle smoking legal

  3. Osobait Splashy says:

    I have one rn Mann got some weird weed

  4. William Edmundson says:

    Why this shut only got 26 like cmon y’all this guy need more attention

  5. Almighty Wolf says:

    Love the intro

  6. AlllMIGGHHHTY SOSSA says:

    Very Imformational

  7. DREAM INK says:

    Smart as hell. Man I be smoking and I dont know wtf is going on. Take me headache meds to feel better. Maaaaan shit all I needed to do was drink a few bottles of water.

  8. George Pong says:

    He right

  9. Black Flame says:

    A lot of times it's because you drank alc while you smoked. That's usually the case… OR you were just locked-in to a mind tunnel. Best thing to do is to relax, sit back, drink some filtered H2O, and calm the fck down. Take some deep nasal/diaphragm breathes, and exhale through your mouth. You will do yourself a major favor.

  10. Niffirg Gee says:

    Dude nice studio set up.

  11. Kevin Williams says:

    Great fucking video keep it up bro

  12. Annick N says:

    OK, I wanna subscribe just for the intro

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