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5 Medical Marijuana Research Stocks To Watch 2017 & 2018

A good read for people who are new to investing 5 cannabis research companies that are developing medications and will be releasing the trial results for those medication in 2017 and 2018. Definitely an interesting watch to see what happens and how profitable they can

Mo Magaleo | I Look Like I Smoke Weed

All ‘Live at Hot Water’ recordings are filmed in front of a live audience at Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool and will feature all type of comedians ranging from brand new undiscovered talent to established TV comedians. All material performed on the night is

Inside a Michigan medical marijuana test lab

PSI Labs in Ann Arbor is one of the first marijuana labs in the state of Michigan to be licensed. The lab is led by Lev Spivak-Birndorf, a research scientist, and Ben Rosman, an attorney with a background in Michigan medical marijuana law. Youtube Channel

Joe Rogan Wants EVERYONE To Smoke WEED Reaction (WOW lol 😂)

Joe Rogan Wants EVERYONE TO SMOKE WEED – Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High – Uncensored Joe Rogan Wants EVERYONE To Smoke WEED Reaction (WOW lol 😂): SUBSCRIBE ========================== Finally ELIMINATE any addiction problems you may have had and prevent any issues with relapsing once and

Medical marijuana for kids?

Kyung Lah reports on a 6-year-old epilepsy patient who has been suffering fewer seizures since taking medical marijuana. For more CNN videos on YouTube, check out Or visit our site at Youtube Channel