Growing Weed Start to Finish Beginners Guide

This channel and its content are intended for adults over the age of 21. I do not condone any illegal activities, and this video was filmed for documentary purposes only.

In this episode of “From Seed to Stoned” I’ll be showing you how to grow weed from start to finish. This is an entire documentary on my CBD Cream and Cheese grow. Ill cover everything from germination, planting, feeding & watering, low stress training, boosting yields, harvesting, drying, trimming, and finally do a weigh in to see what these two ladies yielded.

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25 thoughts on “Growing Weed Start to Finish Beginners Guide”

  1. lewis Savaidis says:

    not gunna lie, just gizzed a little.

  2. ninjxxitty says:

    really just watched this to see how weed turns into nuggets
    was pretty cool

  3. Madeline Kowalczyk says:

    For the feeding schedule did you use that whole bucket of water for the plant in one week? Or replenish the water and add more nutrients as the weeks went on. Or does that whole bucket water/feed the plant until the feeding schedule is complete?

  4. Lily and doug says:

    Sorry. If u do a lot of seed grows u will know if u crack the seed open before swatter soaking u will have way way higher pop rate u can quota me on that….

  5. najtrows says:

    Watching these kinds of vids after putting some seedlings in veg is both inspiring and frustrating. Very nice vid!

  6. The Flip says:

    Why did every school terrorize us into thinking weed was dangerous and deadly? Seriosuly why? Like actually think about it, isn’t that so creepy?

  7. 28molly says:

    we have the same plates

  8. Efren Laboy says:

    That's is confusing send me a book

  9. Mason Wooten says:

    Can we get closed caption please

  10. Nicholas Alt says:

    The ghetto version you guys keep asking for is: use flower food in their water every other time and buy a flower starter kit and transfer those into a bigger pot or garden and don't worry about the humidity and shit

  11. Noah Lutgen says:

    Wheres a dark warm space?

  12. royce wells says:

    Dope vid my g

  13. ulick McGee says:

    Jesus Christ this is too much like work ! Think I'll just stick to buying of my local dealer .

  14. Eli Newkin says:

    Dude, amazingly thorough vid! #Newfan!

  15. andrei bradicean says:

    Do flowers get wet with nutrient water every time?

  16. Aaron Emmanuel says:

    Lol I'm using a mist maker to humidify the seeds which just sprouted, too much mist tho, don't know if I should keep the tent open. Bought myself a nice humidifier online, due to covid-19, gonna take a while to come…

  17. Liberty Prime says:

    Ok I followed the steps but the DEA raided my house is that part of the turtorial omg please help

  18. Akanio Tevanos says:

    Okay, now do a low tech version of tgis vid XD XD JK, it was about time I learned how this stuff was grown.

  19. Chennai vasi says:

    It will come to India

  20. NewsFlash WeTheNewSlaves says:

    Can you feed different strains (haze & cheese) the same nutrients?

  21. Reginald Green says:

    So these seeds are guaranteed?

  22. Izzul Ikmal says:

    2 months???? that is so frickin fast

  23. Hans Erhard says:

    has somebody realised that he flows on the whole beat while talking about the thing he's doing ???

  24. Global Empire TV says:

    Growing weed is the best stimulus package to supplement poverty

  25. Omni Waters says:

    Where did you get seeds from ? Good quality.

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