24 thoughts on “D Smoke & Snoop Dogg – Gaspar Yanga (Official Video)”

  1. Павел Князев says:

    Было… Каспийский были первыми… Опер поднимет бровь….

  2. #костян болдэрайский says:

    Каспийский груз все знают даже снупи.

  3. Canal Dugraveira Hip_Hop says:

    Top gostei

  4. Yfu Investor says:

    i go crazy link in my bio!!

  5. DjScotta says:
  6. Ozuna07 says:

    Lol puerto rican

  7. no name says:

    1:08 ,Bre petrunko.
    Bulgarian folk music

  8. Jonas Jensen says:

    Thiefs you cant make english Sound good to such blessed languache

  9. Walid M says:

    Fredokiss is this you?

  10. Sergey Astafev says:

    Каспийский Груз – Табор уходит в небо! copy and find this track on YouTube

  11. william hugh says:

    Girl at least scramble to hide the drugs. Why the heck is it just in your hand when your Spanish teacher walking by

  12. Loonatic 13 says:

    I thought Snoop Dog and DJ Smoke are the same person if you understand what I mean.

  13. Rishi Dasgupta says:

    I like how this is a throwback to his Rhythm+Flow audition where Snoop asked him where hes from and he said "Inglewood" even tho he knew what Snoop really meant.

  14. Official Mr MAGAJI says:

    God bless you if you like this

  15. Casey Walker says:

    Real recognize Real… He is THE TRUTH

  16. Emanuel Bruno says:

    Continua cm a mesma essência de ritimo e flow, ainda bem…

  17. Amit Bahbut says:

    Theee king

  18. Тарас Дзивановский says:

    Мне кажется, что этот бит свистнули..

  19. Ahli says:

    Life! Dope song! Congrats man! Take care. Love

  20. TETIK PRODUC says:

    https://youtu.be/zN1bmLRC8Ko superrrrr New Club Rapppp

  21. Life of Shawn says:

    For those who don't know Tina is meth

  22. april Smith says:

    10k comments wow it is fire tho

  23. Ақи Емес says:

    Снупи вернулся?)))

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